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Free, curriculum-linked, educational resources for the classroom and homework from UK museums, galleries, libraries, archives, heritage sites and science centres.

a photo of a girl in a classroom using charcoals

Culture Street: Introducing a new creative website for kids that supports the Arts Award

Culture Street Content Director Keith Alexander introduces his new project designed to connect teachers and pupils with contemporary artists, writers, filmmakers and performers.

a screenshot from a website showing a Roman mosaic

Timeportals website brings Gloucestershire museum collections into the classroom

Time portals is a free creative learning resource drawing on the rich collections of ten Gloucestershire Museums that supports historical investigation in the classroom.

British Library Playtimes website screenshot showing a still from a video with the hands of children making fist shapes to play the one potato two potato game.

Children's Games since 1900: Playtimes website from the British Library

A great interactive website for teachers and children about playtime games past and present.

Photo showing a green model dragon that looks like it has been made from papier mache and has scary eyes, a very sharp teeth and red tongue

Dragons teaching resources: Education Pack from Norwich Dragon Festival

A free KS1-3 Education pack, with excellent ideas and activities on the theme of dragons, is available for schools.

Old black and white photo showing Durham men and boy miners with a pit pony and cart outside a pit

Victorian child miners: creative writing

Bearsden Primary School pupils have used museums and archives to step into the boots of Victorian child miners.

Photo showing Suffragette women from the Edwardian era  circa 1910 holding a protest in front of a tram and surrounded by police and members of the public

History GCSE Suffragette resources from Greater Manchester Police

GMP Museums and Archives have some free KS4 History resources on the Suffragettes for a limited time only.

Logo for National Science and Engineering Week showing the words against a pink bubble background and the date 11 until 20 March 2011 against a blue bubble background

National Science & Engineering Week 2011: teaching resources

The British Science Association has some great NSEW competitions and class materials for your pupils.

Image of the National Gallery 1470 painting of Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello showing the armoured Saint riding a white steed against a mountainous landscape and thrusting a lance into the heavily bleeding open jawed dragon in front of its cave

St George free teaching resources

A round-up of free, teaching resources and curriculum activities from UK museums.

Photo showing an actres playing the role of Florence Nightingale in Victorian costume complete with lace cap sitting in front of a group of primary school children and talking to them about her life

Florence Nightingale: resources and teaching ideas

Culture24 shines the light on educational resources about the Lady with the Lamp from UK museums and archives.

Photo showing an Ancient Egyptian blue bowl from the British Museum collection with a design of lotus flowers around a water pool in the centre of the bowl

Ancient Egyptian symbols: the Lotus flower teaching resources

Pupils can learn all about how the lotus symbolised rebirth and then make their own origami version.

Showing the Once Upon A Wartime: Classic Stories for Children exhibition section of the IWM website.

Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories for Children teaching resources

This latest IWM exhibition, suitable for KS2 and KS3, includes downloadable curriculum info and classroom activities.

Screenshot from the Museum of London Starting Out game with the title of the game and the question Could You Survive against a city skyscraper backdrop

Starting Out: KS4 Citizenship and PSHE money management game

Pupils can develop financial capability skills in this Starting Out game and more from the Museum of London

Screenshot showing a giant letter H painted into a garage and is an image that features in the British Museum Young explorers video A brief history of writing

A brief history of writing: British Museum video guide for kids

This British Museum Young explorers' fun video guide is great for learning about writing from the past.

Showing detail from the painting Wheel of Life by Andy Weber

Wheel of Life and other RE online teaching resources

CLEO has created some very useful Buddhism classroom interactives and more.

a photo of a group of itmes including an old leather shoe, rosary beads, spoon and comb

Mary Rose Trust launches schools time capsule competition

The Mary Rose is looking for a 2011 time-capsule to be buried in the foundations of its new Museum.

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