Designated collection: The Horniman Museum gets Caboodling

By Mark Slawinski | 28 September 2009
A collection of sculpted heads from India

(Above) One of the images in the Horniman Designated collection caboodle

Caboodle is proud to display samples of the Designated collections at the Horniman Museum and you can view two great caboodles on our pages. We are really keen for children to discover these sets as they browse the site and consider what collections of their own they may like to capture in our digital galleries.

These images give parents and teachers the opportunity to discus the collections with children and could encourage creative play.

Six detailed collection images on a page of children's website

There are interesting items from diverse global cultures in the Horniman's caboodle

In the sample from the ethnographic collection you can explore a variety of masks and figures from around the world including Japanese Noh Theatre Masks, Ogoni masks from Africa and a collection of colourful figures depicting twentieth century London life.

We would love to see children respond to this by creating their own mask set or sculpted figures depicting their life experience, interests and creativity. You can see a sample of the musical instrument collection here.

A Sri Lankan ceremonial mask

Why not let your child make their own mask for Caboodle?

Another aspect of this collection hints at real world activity. The Sri Lankan Sanni "Curing" Mask could generate all sorts of creative ideas and may spark dance or drama play activities, with children taking a lead role creating their own choreography or script extracts.

If the Horniman caboodles have inspired you to take part, please email Mark Slawinski at

designation logo with photo of a woman looking at displays

For more stories from inside the Horniman Museum, visit our introduction to the Designated collection series.

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