What have children been up to on Caboodle?

| 24 September 2009
A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

(Above) Caboodle clubs can be held after school, in youth clubs or at home

Caboodle lets kids become digital curators. They take shots of their collections, upload them, edit them and add text before submitting them for publication. Caboodling is also a real world activity, not just in the sense that kids are out taking photos, but that there are lots of opportunities for them to start or take part in Caboodle clubs at school, at the youth club or at home. And best of all it's totally free.

A brief look at the site will reveal numerous brilliant, creative and educational caboodles from our young members. How about the intrepid caboodler cazo678, who got outside with his homemade bow and a quiver of arrows? He sent in this excellent collection.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

Kids become curators on Caboodle and here's caboodler 'Bigboots' out in the garden with his pterodactyl

You may enjoy a perusal of a caboodle belonging to the excellently named fluffgirl. Featuring a favourite selection of t-shirts and some really comic descriptions, it hits the caboodle nail squarely on the head! Then there are various sets of all those toys that kids love: Go-go's, Lego, Gormitis and many more.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

Individual caboodles are highly personalised

We've been working with a starter set of schools and they love Caboodle; the project is currently gaining ground in three UK regions. Spectacular as a resource for extra-curricular fun, Caboodle lets kids see the collections of others (not to mention the museums) and get inspired to have a go themselves.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

Starter sets of brilliant caboodles from kids have furnished the site

These obvious educational benefits are matched by the fun that kids are having with Caboodle Clubs and the creative freedom and fun they involve. We've also been setting up the Caboodle Crew, a "junior board" who'll have a key role in deciding how Caboodle evolves.

There's a wealth of cultural material across the country for kids to explore and we'd love to see it caboodled on our brand new site, along with those exciting and interesting objects kids are collecting and curating at home.

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