A museum in your school? What's in it for you and your pupils?

By Culture24 Staff | 19 March 2009
Photo showing a class full of pupils

Year 3 pupils from St Mary’s Island Cof E Primary School

Have you thought about collaborating with your local museum to enrich your pupils’ understanding of say local history?

Photo showing school children and boxed archive material

Pupils from St Mary’s Island Cof E Primary School go behind the scenes at the museum

Museums not only have incredible archives of original source material but they have curatorial and educational expertise to bring those archives to life for children.

Photo showing children examining archive material

Drafting tools from an ancient ship and an 18th century map are among the items curated by children at St Mary's Island Cof E Primary School

A fantastic recent project from St Mary’s Island C of E Primary School and Kent Learning Clusters is one such example that we thought you’d be interested in.

Photo showing adults and children in a museum

The Deputy Lieutenant of Kent launched the miniature museum

St Mary’s Island C of E Primary School was looking for a way to study local history in a different and engaging way. With their entrance into the Kent Learning Clusters programme, and being partnered with two local museums (Royal Engineers Museum and Kent Police Museum) they now had their chance. What came of it, was truly unique: a mini-museum in the school created by Year 3 pupils.

For more detailed information on the project, you can read our article: Royal Engineers Museum helps school produce history of Chatham Island.

If you’re a museum or school and have embarked on a similar collaboration, we’d love to hear from you and feature you in the Culture 24 Teachers’ section.

Please contact our Learners and Teachers Editor, Rachel Hayward at rachel@culture24.org.uk.

And if you would like some more details about setting up a museum in your classroom, try this helpful guide from Campaign for Museums. The document is not a recent one, so some of the links may be broken. The main content of collecting and museums is really useful though.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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