Online resource round-up: the Romans

Rachel Hayward | 17 March 2009 | Updated: 01 November 2010
Image of Romans interactive

© Tyne & Wear Museums

In the first of our ancient history round-ups for you, we bring together great e-learning and interactives on the Romans, from museums and heritage sites around the UK.

Image of Romans interactive

Dress the Roman Soldier game from National Museums Scotland. © National Museums Scotland

National Museums Scotland’s online Roman resources in their Discover people of the past - Romans! section, are well worth a look. The games would be great for classroom fillers as well as for project use.

Pupils can explore the reaches of the Roman Empire, carry out some Latin translation, discover what Roman soldiers wore, build a virtual fort and find out about the everyday objects the soldiers used.

Image of History Hunt interactive

The History Hunt game from St Albans Museums. © St Albans Museums

St Albans Museums' For Fun section games iinclude: putting the Roman soldier back together again and a memory game.

Pupils will also enjoy playing History Hunt, where they can go back in time to recover stolen objects.

St Alban's Museums have a Roman recipes page too, so why not enjoy a taste of the past? The food has been tried and tested by the Museum staff!

Image of Show Me website with Roman resources

Free resources on the Romans from the UK museums on our Show Me kids' site. © Culture24

Here’s a plug for our kids’ site Show Me and our Romans Topic section. The site has a dedicated Teachers' section of free primary teaching resources on all things Roman, including links to interactives, news stories and teaching ideas.

Image of Roman Baths interactive

A Roman Baths game from the Roman Baths, Bath. © the Roman Baths, Bath

Just for fun from The Roman Baths, Bath has a Roman Baths game and a Roman Baths Web Quest that will keep your class busy.

There is also lots of useful online information on the Baths

Image of Roman objects

The Guess What? interactive from Tyne and Wear Museums. © Tyne and Wear Museums.

On the Tyne & Wear Museums' website, pupils can find out further background detail on the Romans. Their Guess What? interactive contains a Romans interactive with background on the Romans and their interactive, Find it! showcases a variety of Tyne & Wear Museums’ Roman collection and would make a good starter activity on the interactive whiteboard.

BM&AG for Kids, a microsite on the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery website, also has a Roman Empire section that's very pupil-friendly. We love the timeline and the Dress the Roman Soldier game is perfect for the interactive whiteboard.

Watch this space: we’ll add to this ‘Romans round-up’ as we discover more e-learning resources about the Romans for you from the UK's museums.

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