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By Rachel Hayward | 10 February 2009 | Updated: 21 March 2011
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Welcome to the Culture24 Teachers' section. We are a guide to the amazing teaching and learning content on offer from the UK's museums, galleries, libraries, archives, science centres and heritage sites - a great deal of it online and most of it totally free.

Formerly known as 24 Hour Museum, you might already know about us through our safe and fun kids' site Show Me.

We bring you... free resources from the UK museums online.

Ideas & Resources

We've got the best online museum resources around, both digital and real world, from the cultural sector.

Click on the links for our subject round-up guides:

Art & Design round-up


History round-up

RE round-up

Science round-up

Explore the archives

Zoomify: see the artist’s brushstrokes and more in museum online collections


Visits & Outreach

Our Visits & Outreach section gives you real-world activities and suggestions for class trips.

In addition, venues add to the already impressive set of more than 3,000 events, exhibitions and resources in the database - so you can check out their latest downloads and real-life activities. To get an idea of the breadth of information in the site, click on the 'Search Site' box which sits at the top right of every page. It calls up every piece of data in the system and you can then browse by subject, geographical location or curriculum.

The Places to Go section will help you plan trips and find venues near you.

Art, History and Science on Culture24 are rich sections packed with news, reviews, websites and more, updated daily.

Training & CPD for you

Museums have fantastic INSET and more. Search in our database for their training and CPD offers. For further info, click on the link to our Training and CPD feature.

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