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A close-up photo of part of a large dark grey lead tablet from Roman times with writing

"May you consume his blood": The Roman curse tablet written after a 4th century theft

Found by Badnam Creek, in Southampton, in 1982, a lead curse tablet was written by a man desperate for the Roman god, Lord Neptune, to avenge a theft of gold and silver.

Ideas & Resources

a photo of a girl in a classroom using charcoals

Culture Street: Introducing a new creative website for kids that supports the Arts Award

Culture Street Content Director Keith Alexander introduces his new project designed to connect teachers and pupils with contemporary artists, writers, filmmakers and performers.

Visits & Outreach

School Visits and Outreach: Learning from Sacred Spaces

Discover sacred spaces in gardens, museums, art galleries, ancient sites and open spaces, and how they benefit learners' moral, social and cultural understanding and attitudes towards people and communities.