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A photo of a man looking out of the window through a nautical ring inside a museum

Tiny Yorkshire fishing museum appeals for memories of centuries-old marine industry

Nearly 50 years after saving the Filey Museum's 17th century home, the town's Historical Society are calling on the public to provide their memories for a new book.

A black and white photo of a beach scene with palm trees and boats and mountains

Handwritten tales of 18th century English convicts who fled across Australia revealed

The amazing stories of James Martin and his eight fellow prisoners, whose daring escape from New South Wales crossed uncharted territories, has been revealed to the public.

A photo of an ancient book of black ink left open on a page

Ten of the best places in Britain to see weird and wonderful books

Whether you want to read about Richard III's theatre visits, the immigrants who changed British culture or Cornish folklore, here are ten places which keep the pages of history turning.

An image of an ancient 18th century letter in black ink on yellow paper

Future King advised to avoid war in 18th century letter revealed at Buckingham Palace

The Prince of Wales's 18th century letter, advising the future King George III in a checklist shortly before the writer's premature death, is about to go on public show.

A photo of a woman dressed in a black witch's outfit with green make-up

Picture Gallery: See Neil Gaiman as Badger and Malorie Blackman as The Wicked Witch

Some of the world's leading authors help to portray key characters from stories for children in a colourful April exhibition, 26 Characters, at Oxford's Story Museum.

A black and white photo of a couple embracing

Wives and Sweethearts: Love Letters sent During Wartime revealed by Army Museum

Described as an alternative to the "saccharine sentiments" of Valentine's Day, letters and photos at the National Army Museum reveal enduring, thriving wartime love stories.

A photo of an enormous civic building on a square with flags under a blue sky

Family of Charles Dickens unveil first UK statue of author at Portsmouth Guildhall

Sculptor Martin Jennings says his sculpture of Charles Dickens, made in his hometown of Portsmouth, expresses the "energy and richness of imagination" of the author.

A photo of a mottled ancient novel with a picture of its female author next to it

Jane Austen note on family and prayer to be scrutinised in Mansfield Park celebration

A fragment of handwriting from the pen of Jane Austen, written in 1814 and later pasted into a First Edition of The Memoirs of Jane Austen, is being examined by conservators.

A photo of a female author smiling

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, with JK Rowling scribblings, visits Edinburgh

Author JK Rowling writes that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone "changed my life forever" in a first edition of the book which is going on brief display in Edinburgh.

An image of an illustration from a medieval book showing two figures gesticulating

Curator's Choice: The Moving Word: French Medieval Manuscripts at Cambridge University

Professor Bill Burgwinkle on the legends of Arthur, Lancelot and the Round Table, strangulation and a period of language sometimes written out of literary history.

A black and white photo of an arctic expeditioner from the early 20th century

Polar Museum to show letters of Captain Scott expedition ally Apsley Cherry-Garrard

The century-old letters of an assistant zoologist who could have saved the British Antarctic Expedition party are to go on show for the first time at the Polar Museum.

a photo of flyers and lp sleeves from half a sixpence

David Heneker theatre and music collection entices people into archives at Kingston University

Kingston University is displaying its David Heneker theatre archive as part of a campaign to encourage people to visit their local archives.

a photo of a cross at the grave of Dylan Thomas

Chepstow marks the forgotten 12-hour soiree of Dylan Thomas's funeral cortege

One of the many bizaare incidents in the death of Dylan Thomas is to be celebrated at Chepstow Drill Hall as Chepstow Museum searches for a bar with an unusual yet natural connection to the poet.

A photo of a woman standing in front of a large ancient book inside a historic building

600-year-old Richard III manuscript turns the page at Yorkshire Museum

The House Book of medieval York will be left open on pages revealing the truth behind Richard III's visits to York and the thoughts of leaders after his death.

a photo of famous poets holding tablets and mobiole phones

Poetry Zoo launches as a new digital platform for sharing poetry

Poetry Zoo, a new digital platform for poets, has launched with the intention of empowering stifled writers and giving them the opportunity to be seen and read.

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