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a colourful painting of two men seated next to a camp fire

I Cheer A Dead Man's Sweetheart: A show about the life of painting at De La Warr Pavilion

The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill is currently showing the work of 21 living painters in a bold show of contrasts that champions technique, skill and the love of painting.

a lithographic print of an alabaster figure

Clare Woods' giant lithographs find fitting temporary home at Kent's Mascalls Gallery

Clare Woods' Monument at Mascalls Gallery recalls British modernism while filling the walls with what may be the largest ever lithographic prints.

a blue painting of a seascape

The Power of the Sea at the RWA casts a line from Turner to Lanyon and beyond

The sea is the theme for a major exhibition of maritime masterpieces that begins with Turner and Constable and ends with Kurt Jackson and Maggie Hambling.

A photo of a security man holding a pair of glasses in a case outside a pub on a street

Deirdre Barlow's prize glasses under watch as Coronation Street tours open to public

Ena Sharples' hair net, Hilda Ogden's curlers and Vera Duckworth's hooped earrings are among the exhibits as Coronation Street prepares to open for public tours.

A black and white photo of two army officers during world war one

Curator's Choice: An eerie postcard of Rudyard Kipling's son before his death

Having initially been refused entry to the army due to extremely poor eyesight, Jack Kipling signed up before he was legally old enough. A postcard hints at his tragic tale.

Sam Heydt, Chrysanthemums (2012)

Aesthetica Art Prize takes contemporary competition hopefuls to York Art Gallery

Chosen from thousands of entrants, work by 100 artists has gone on display at York Art Gallery. See work by some of them in our gallery.

A black and white photo of a group of first world war soldiers crouching around a sign

Photos by UK's first female press photographer show London a century ago

Christina Broom's photos show London at the outbreak of the First World War - including the son Rudyard Kipling sent to war.

A photo of a female artist standing in front of a large screen showing a scene from mars

Life on Mars: Kelly Richardson on NASA, the apocalypse and the north-east

Painters of the Apocalyptic Sublime influence Kelly Richardson's large-scale Mariner 9. Its reception in the north-east, says the artist, has been the highlight of her career.

A photo of a woman smiling into the camera in front of a block of flats and a bus

YouTube video inspired by Pharrell's Happy goes viral for museum lovers in Luton

Hundreds of new fans have signed up to Luton's Museum Makers scheme after a call for participants in a dance-off based on this year's biggest chart-topper became an online hit.

An image of a painting of a huge dystopian building

Artist's Statement: Harry Adams on making fires, Doomsday, Michael Caine and X Factor

Having collaborated with Billy Childish on their "confrontational" Art Hate project, Steven Lowe and Adam Wood are about to return with a dystopian display in Brighton.

A black and white photo of a man lying in bed

Vogue, the Krays, Bowie and Mandela: Bailey's Stardust dazzles at the National Portrait Gallery

From the East End and the Rolling Stones to journeys through Africa and Live Aid, David Bailey's glittering career results in more than 150 portraits, as Emily Beeson finds out.

A pink-tinted photo of a young woman with a spray of light pink mist in front of her

Curator's Choice: Jerwood Film and Video Umbrella Awards' selected artists

The Director of Jerwood Film and Umbrella discusses the up-and-coming talents competing under this year's theme, What Will They See Of Me?

A photo of two women in their underwear standing in an underground tube station

Saucy photos of tube takers in their pants as Subway Gallery opens Underground show

From Arsenal to Covent Garden, Singaporean photographer Yangchen Lin's Tubographical Transactions offers unusual - and often cheeky - views of the tube.

A photo of a man in sunglasses, a flat cap and a red tie staring into the camera

A journey of discovery: Queer in Brighton year ends in anthology and portrait exhibition

Photographer Anthony Luvera's portraits of members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in Brighton have adorned the city alongside a new book.

A self portrait of man in a military great coat, scarfe, hat and gloves sketching on a pad

The NPG's Portraits of the First World War reveals the human face of the First World War

The National Portrait Gallery brings together photography, film, painting and drawing from all sides of the conflict in a major exploration of the faces of the First World War.

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