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A photo of a man dressed as a king posing in front of a castle

Selfies, masterminds, trends and hashtags as MuseumWeek aims to take Twitter by storm

Following in the Twitter footsteps of AskaCurator and MuseumSelfie, a new, seven-day campaign will link museums and their visitors in the UK, Italy, Spain and France.

A photo of two people holding their fists up while their faces are obscured by purple blobs

JG Ballard-inspired Science Fiction: New Death seeks Middle East resolutions and more

See artworks from the major contemporary science fiction exhibition opening at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool later this month.

A photo of a screenshot showing an art gallery website

Agnes guide invites visitors on alternative tours of the Serpentine Galleries

A "benevolent spambot" called Agnes is leading online visitors on tours of the Serpentine Galleries in London, meeting staff and discovering secret parts of the collections.

A black and white photo of a grocer standing by his shop during the early 20th century

National Archives reveals conscription appeals of World War I Middlesex men

Telling thousands of little-known tales from those seeking exemption from service during World War I, a new online archive is a rare glimpse of letters and tribunals.

A photo of a woman taking a photo while laying on grass beneath an outdoor sculpture

MuseumSelfie takes Twitter by storm as galleries create global self-portraiture

From Oxford to Russia, a new one-day Twitter campaign - dubbed MuseumSelfie - has attracted hundreds of photos from thousands of contributors across the world.

A black and white painting of a male artist sitting in a gallery surrounded by paintings

A Victorian Michelangelo: Huge new archive reveals the letters of George Frederic Watts

A revealing new online catalogue, compiled with devotion by a National Portrait Gallery archivist, reveals the remarkable life of one of the 19th century's best-known artists.

A photo of a black and white etching showing a donkey in a physician's jacket

Wellcome Library makes more than 100,000 images freely available in huge online gift

From Goya and van Gogh to an early prescription from Egypt and a 14th century horoscope, the Wellcome has released a vast collection of exhibits online.

a painting of the Battle of Waterloo depicting a panorama of the battle with French Cavalry attacking the British line formed up in a square.

Major new website to be launched for Battle of Waterloo bicentenary in 2015

A new website is to be developed for the 2015 bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, partnered by the National Army Museum and Culture24.

a black and white photo of British infantry on a muddy road in France during the First World War

National Archives says First World War war diaries project will lead to "new discoveries"

The National Archives has begun digitising its vast collection of World War I British Army Unit War Diaries, with a crowd sourcing project to enlist public help to tag them.

A photo of a drum with paintings on it from the 19th century

Waterloo 200: Six key artefacts from the Battle of Waterloo

Backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the National Army Museum and Culture24 will launch a digital collection for next year's bicentenary of Waterloo. Here are six artefacts that might make the final......

A photo of hundreds of small scientific objects linked by lines against a black backdrop

Journeys of Invention iPad app features star exhibits from Science Museum collection

From close-ups of fleas to the World War II Enigma machine, curators say a new iPad app launched by the Science Museum will be "awe-inspiring and intimate" for fans.

A photo of the outside of a huge museum under a blue sky

Digital Discovery Centre to expand at British Museum as Samsung renews schools deal

Touchscreen tablets and wireless digital cameras will continue to bring Ancient Greece, Egyptian sculptures and other histories to life in an acclaimed classroom centre.

A photo of two visually-impaired women standing in front of an airfield museum talking

IWM Duxford's war veteran-inspired Historic Duxford trail wins Jodi Award

The Imperial War Museum's Duxford site has won an award for a trail giving disabled people a better day out, with judges praising it for setting a "benchmark" within the sector.

A black and white photo of soldiers walking across a battlefield during the First World War

First World War Centenary Partnership announces 2014 exhibitions and events

A series of 1917 lithographs in Cardiff and a photo exhibition at Tate Modern are among hundreds of projects and resources announced for the First World War Centenary.

A photo of a man standing against a light projection

Danceroom Spectroscopy Festival debuts in Bristol after Olympics and Barbican shows

A 21-metre, 360-degree visual projection will bring nanoscale atomic physics to the dancey public during a three-day festival at Brunel's Old Station later this month.

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