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A photo of people looking at artwork inside a very small art gallery

Is this the world's smallest temporary art gallery? Tight Modern prepares to return

Inspired by a nightclub but "a bit uncomfortable" with more than ten people inside, the humble homage to Tate Modern is about to return with a showcase of marginalised artists.

A photo of an ancient brown helmet on a pole

Sutton Hoo and Europe galleries exert magnetic pull in British Museum display

From the capture of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus to a decorated Roman bread stamp, we take a look at the British Museum gallery dedicated to AD 300-1100.

A close-up photo of a prehistoric man's face

Britain: One Million Years of Human History sparks superlatives at Natural History Museum

Rachel Teskey sees hyenas prowl Norfolk, elephants rampage across Trafalgar Square and Neanderthals stalk reindeer in the Natural History Museum's show.

A photo of a huge mound of rubbish

Science Museum summer exhibition looks like being pure rubbish

Artist Joshua Sofaer, who previously created a human scavenger hunt at Tate Modern, will assemble The Rubbish Collection from the Science Museum's waste this summer.

A photo of an archaeological mud trench cutting through grassland

Extravagant mansion built to please wife of 18th century politician discovered at Bletchley

Experts at Bletchley Park, the World War II codebreaking centre in Buckinghamshire, will examine bricks believed to come from a demolished mansion and two wartime huts.

A black and white photo of a man looking at a large roman floor mosaic outside a house

Mosaic from 4th century Roman villa to be revealed at Salisbury Museum

A mosaic depicting a drinking cup with dolphin-shaped handles will take three weeks to install in the £2.4 million Wessex Gallery this summer.

A photo of a yellow Asian sculpture of a figure made out of yellow, black and red

Curator's Choice: The new Voices of Asia gallery at Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum's World View gallery has switched its focus from Africa to Asia. Curator Antonia Lovelace tells us about tea, jade, ivory and Dhol drumming videos.

An image of various cut-out paper prints in different colours looking like coral sections

Curator's Choice: Henri Matisse – The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern

Nicholas Cullinan, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and co-curator of Tate's Matisse show, on key works from the exhibition.

An image of various blocks of colour

Chapels, circuses and colour as Matisse's Cut-Outs thrill at Tate Modern

The most expansive exhibition of Henri Matisse's works in decades concentrates on the prolific final 17 years of his life in an exhibition recreating the excitement of the artist's studio.

A photo of people looking at a human body in motion shown in forensic detail

German anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens' preserved humans to visit Newcastle

Fusing art, science and culture, the exhibition of plastinated bodies visits Life after being seen by more than 38 million visitors in cities across the world.

A photo of a human skeleton laid out on a table

Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest

Amy Roberts, Collections Officer at the Novium in Chichester, introduces the Bronze Age Racton Man whose imminent analysis could hold national importance.

A photo of a man standing in front of an enormous blue locomotive steam engine

King's Cross shedmaster makes pilgrimage to Yorkshire as Mallard bids farewell

Peter Townend, who controlled the speed record-breaking Mallard during a 43-year railway career, travelled from Torquay to Durham for a final glimpse of its two sister engines.

A photo of a large white sculpture of a cross on the wall of an enormous cathedral

Gerry Judah honours war cemeteries with twin white cruciforms at St Paul's Cathedral

Installed in the cathedral which stood over wartime London, Gerry Judah's dramatic sculptures aim to question the wastefulness and destruction of war.

A photo of a stencil black painting of a man holding a child in front of their mother

Public offered chance to buy shares in "extremely rare" Banksy artwork

Having proved successful in France, My Art Invest has launched with a Banksy artwork, Daddy's Back, as part of a contemporary gallery space in Shoreditch.

A mock-up image of people standing around a circular structure outside of a museum

Intriguing chunk of gigantic stone pier to spend summer in front of Museum of London

London and Zurich-based design team Gruppe will create a playful pier for visitors to share their thoughts on the museum after beating 70 hopefuls to the commission.

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