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| 24 May 2011 | Updated: 26 June 2012
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Culture24’s listings service is called Direct Data Entry or DDE. It is free to use for all UK gallery, museum and heritage venues and organisations that are publicly owned or funded.

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More information about our DDE listing service…

Most of the venue, events, exhibitions, resources and collections information you see on our site is added and updated by museums and galleries using our Direct Data Entry (DDE) system.

*Information added to our system also powers other websites and applications, like 1914.org

If you are responsible for more than one venue on the Culture24 website, email dde@culture24.org.uk with a list and we’ll set you up so you can access all of them.

You can find out more about the Culture24 network and how we use listings by visiting our company website weareculture24.org.uk

First World War Centenary

First World Centenary Logo
Culture24 is collating all the event data for the First World War Centenary Partnership. If you are planning to hold an event to commemorate the Centenary and would like it listed on www.1914.org please remember to tick 'First World War Centenary' in the 'Programmes' part of the editing process when entering your events using DDE.

If you have any questions about how to do this or if you need help please contact Kate McNab kate@culture24.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want your organisation, venue or event listed on www.1914.org you MUST first sign up as a member of IWM's Centenary Partnership, details of which can be found here; www.1914.org/partnership

Helpful contacts:

For DDE queries, email dde@culture24.org.uk

To send us a press release for possible editorial, email newsdesk@culture24.org.uk

For any other enquiries, email info@culture24.org.uk

Or if you'd rather talk to someone, telephone 01273 623266.

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We also offer a subscription service for commercial venues, see weareculture24.org.uk for more details, or contact us on dde@culture24.org.uk