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By Culture24 Staff | 28 September 2009

The Culture24 network is centred on our rather unglamorously titled listings and resources system, DDE (Direct Data Entry).

DDE feeds the database underpinning our website and services. The data is maintained by more than 4,000 UK museums, galleries, libraries, archives, science centres and heritage sites who update entries themselves via a set of simple, password-protected web pages.

If you're not already using the DDE system, or if you have an entry but it's not being updated, here are a few reasons why we think it's a good idea to get stuck in.

  • It’s free! Most other systems of this type charge (the contributors, the public, advertisers or venture capitalists) for the cost of maintaining the database. We don't have to charge you, because we're funded by MLA, ACE and others to provide this service.
  • DDE is already the most comprehensive database of its type in the UK, and the only one of its kind to be run entirely for the benefit of its users, both in the sector and as members of the public.
  • It puts your information into a standard format – which makes it easy for the public to find and to use.
  • We give it to other people so it pops up all over the web, as well as powering several of our own sites and partner sites. It's an incredibly efficient use of your data (and time!) and getting more so as we work on using API, XML and RSS to distribute it far and wide.
  • If you tag your information (assign it keywords relating to subjects, historical time, the curriculum and so on) it appears in relevant sections on the Culture24 website. This means that people don't have to search for you – they can discover you when they read about the things which interest them.
  • We work hard on getting our stuff – and therefore your stuff – into search engines. When you include your website URL on your entry, and when you link back to us, it helps to improve your Google rankings.
  • There's strength in numbers – your entry is one element of a larger ecosystem. Taking time to improve it, by making sure that all your details are up to date and there are lots of fantastic events and educational resources in the database, makes our sector's offer more visible and more "shareable" in the hugely competitive digital landscape.

If you'd like to know how to use DDE, you can find out more here

Read the DDE Terms and Conditions

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