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| 06 May 2008
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Margaret Hodge, Minister for Culture, Tourism and the Creative Industries, has been an MP since 1994 and was the first ever Minister for Children, Young People and Families (from 2003 - 2005). She is still vocal in education policy.

Margaret Hodge MP

Is there an object or work of art that has inspired you, encouraged you to work in a different way or given you a great idea?

I saw the Rauschenberg exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in the 1960s which really influenced how I looked at the built environment.

A montage artwork

Robert Rauschenberg, Almanac, 1962. This work is on display at Tate Modern as part of UBS Openings: Tate Modern Collection 2008. © the artist

Robert Rauschenberg (b.1925) is an American artist who came to prominence with the rise of Pop Art. He is best known for his 'Combines' - assemblages which fuse painting and sculpture. Tate has several of his works in its collection, one of which is currently on show at Tate Modern in London.

Can you name a person who has inspired you?

Nelson Mandela, Simone de Beauvoir, Bertrand Russell.

Image of former South African president Nelson Mandela raising a clenched fist in celebration

Nelson Mandela in his characteristic triumphant pose.

You can find out more about the fight for equal rights for ethnic minorities on the Untold London website, as well as black heritage in the capital.

Simone de Beauvoir was a staunch feminist thinker - see the Women's Library for more on this. Bertrand Russell, meanwhile, was not only a philosopher but a peace campaigner. Bradford has its own Peace Museum, with exhibits on Russell.

Photo of two little girls playing in an art gallery

Margaret Hodge is proud of her work on the early years curriculum. © Family Friendly Museum Award

Which ideas or creations in your work are you most proud of? This can be something really significant or quite minor.

Developing early years curriculum and framework as a new frontier of the Welfare State.

Developing policies for extending the rights of disabled people.

Promoting family friendly policies in Government.

Find out more about how museums might help with the government's pledge of five hours of culture per week for schoolchildren.

Photo of a pager

Margaret Hodge used her pager to keep in touch with her children.

Can you think of any current innovations (in science, technology, art etc.), which have had an impact on your life?

My pager - when I came into Parliament it helped me to stay in 24 hour contact with my children.

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