Let's Get Real 2011: Talk Tables

| 05 August 2011
A photo of hands on a table holding illuminated smartphones
What are Talk Tables?

They are literally a series of tables where different companies discuss what they do and how they can offer help to delegates in areas around the conference theme. The Talk Tables are billed in the conference programme as a chance to "meet with key industry players for problem solving and troubleshooting".

They are informal and responsive, and geared to providing a space for delegates to find out about technical systems and digital tools, and meet experts who offer solutions to the problems and needs of arts and heritage organisations.

Where will they be?

The tables will be in the Waterside area of Watershed and will be one of two main areas where the conference is taking place (the other is Cinema One). The Waterside area is a large, attractive open space with a high ceiling and big windows. This area will also be where the conference refreshments will be served.

Who is taking a Talk Table?

There will be a mix of larger commercial players like Experian and Google alongside smaller companies such as cxpartners, CogApp and Pocket-Proof. There will also be a few non-profit organisations such as JISCMeet all the Talk Table presenters here.

What can I bring?

Talk tables are not set up like your normal conference exhibition - in fact, no pop-ups, sales pitches or display stands are allowed! There will be access to a power point and you can bring your own laptop. You will also be provided with a sign so everyone knows who you are. All the signs will be provided by Culture24.

When do the Talk Tables happen?

If you look at the programme you will see that the talk tables are concurrent with the "crit room" during a two-hour period on the Wednesday afternoon. The idea is that delegates can move between talk tables during this time depending on what interests them. In addition, a bell will ring every ten minutes so as to keep people moving.

What is the cost?

If you are a commercial organisation, talk tables cost £400 plus VAT and include one full place at the conference. Other members of your team are welcome to attend but need to register in the usual way. If you are a non-commercial organisation the talk table fee will be waived, but you will still need to book your attendance at the conference in the usual way.

If you are interested in booking a talk table, please email jane@culture24.org.uk
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