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Cobham Bus Museum was one of the first independent organisations in the country established solely for the purpose of bus preservation. The preservation scene has changed dramatically since we began. In the early days, a rescued vehicle would most likely undergo minor repairs and a repaint, to make it more presentable to the public and the enthusiast. With the passage of time, bodywork and mechanical components deteriorate, and we have had to recognise that this cannot be ignored indefinitely. Ultimately, a major overhaul or total reconstruction of the vehicle becomes necessary. Whichever option is chosen, the cost will be thousands of pounds. The lack of resources needed for this extensive work has resulted in the loss from our transport heritage of some of the rarest ex-London Transport vehicles. To prevent this from happening again, the skill and determination of the Museums's management must now be applied to the effort of raising the large sums required to pay for the professional rebuilding of older timber framed vehicles. Every avenue has to be explored to achieve this. Fortunately, at Cobham, we have a volunteer workforce with the skills and experience necessary to complete a restoration once the major work of reframing has been finished . It also has the ability to refurbish completely more recent vehicles of a composite timber and steel construction. The division of work keeps costs to a minimum and utilises our funds most efficiently. Cobham is unusual, in that through the good foresight of the late Alan Allmey, in the early days it accumulated a stock of parts. This has enabled the Trust to carry out repairs to its vehicles at relatively low cost - and to supply components to our members for their own vehicles. The members, in turn provide the labour for the Trust vehicle restoration - it is a formula that works.

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