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Sammy Ofer Wing at the National Maritime Museum
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Royal Museums Greenwich comprises of three linked sites: the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the 17th-century Queen's House. Set among the beautiful scenery and architecture of Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, Royal Museums Greenwich incorporates the world's largest maritime museum, the Prime Meridian of the world and London's only planetarium.

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Museum, Library, Archive, Gallery, Heritage site, Science centre, Ship or maritime heritage site, Garden, parklands or rural site

Opening hours

Daily, 10.00-17.00
Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.

All three sites close early on 31 December and open late on 1 January and on the occasion of the London Marathon each year.

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The Queen's House is a registered wedding venue.

The National Maritime Museum's collections contain over two million items relating to seafaring, navigation, astronomy and time measurement. The collections include Nelson's Trafalgar uniform and the Harrison Chronometers.

The Museum is committed to improving access to its collections and over 10,000 objects are now available online:

Collection details

Archaeology, Architecture, Archives, Coins and Medals, Costume and Textiles, Decorative and Applied Art, Design, Fine Art, Maritime, Performing Arts, Personalities, Photography, Science and Technology, Social History, Trade and Commerce, Weapons and War, World Cultures

Key artists and exhibits

  • The Prime Meridian of the World
  • Peter Harrison Planetarium
  • The Queen's House Tulip Stairs and Great Hall
  • John Harrison's famous chronometers
  • Nelson's bullet-pierced coat
  • Relics from the tragic Franklin and Scott voyages
  • New Visions contemporary art programme
  • The Caird Library, including specialist collections for researching family history
Exhibition details are listed below, you may need to scroll down to see them all.

War Artists at Sea

  • 1 February 2014 — 28 February 2015 *on now

Showcasing the very best of Royal Museums Greenwich’s collection of First and Second World War art, this new display includes visually arresting and moving portraits, battle scenes, and depictions of everyday life during conflict.

Charged with the task of revealing a ‘truth’ that went beyond the simple recording of events, official war art served the purposes of commemoration, instruction, documentation and propaganda as well as raising morale at home and at the front.

War Artists at Sea features paintings and works on paper and consists of a rolling programme of displays throughout 2014. Artists on display include: Leslie Cole, Eric Ravilious, Richard Eurich, Norman Wilkinson, Stephen Bone, William Dring, John Worsley, and Charles Wheeler.


Please check admission charges before visiting.



painting from guiding lights exhibition

Guiding Lights: 500 Years of Trinity House and Safety at Sea

  • 1 April 2014 — 28 February 2015 *on now

Five hundred years ago, a fraternity of London mariners was given a charter by Henry VIII and became the Corporation of Trinity House - with instructions to improve the safety of navigation on the Thames.

Since then, Trinity House has looked after pilotage, buoys, beacons and lightships and has become the Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales and the Channel Islands. The work of Trinity House over the last 500 years has prevented countless shipwrecks and immense loss of life, and its employees have shown great skill, bravery and endurance.

While Trinity House’s aims have remained constant its methods of achieving them have changed dramatically as new technology is adopted and developed.

This small gallery displays objects and stories from throughout the organisation’s history as well as looking to the future as Trinity House continues to work ‘for the benefit and safety of all mariners’.



image from longitude punkd

Longitude Punk'd

  • 11 April 2014 — 4 January 2015 *on now

Open from 11 April 2014–4 January 2015, Longitude Punk’d at the Royal Observatory will celebrate the creations of wacky inventors, star-gazing scientists and extremely elegant explorers of the 18th century. Royal Museums Greenwich has commissioned eight UK steampunk artists to create works inspired by the technical inventions that were presented to the Board of Longitude between 1714 and 1828.

To coincide with Longitude Punk'd at the Royal Observatory and Ships, Clocks & Stars at the National Maritime Museum, Royal Museums Greenwich and Jurassic London will be publishing Irregularity, an anthology of original short fiction inspired by the 18th-century quest to impose humanity's order on nature's chaos.

Suitable for

  • Family friendly


Please check website for ticket prices.


Rozanne Hawksley: War and Memory

  • 1 May — 1 December 2014 *on now

Rozanne Hawksley is regarded as one of the UK's great textile art innovators. At once poignant and powerful, her work explores the nature and meaning of the commemoration and memorialization of war, considering the impact of conflict on combatants, family, friends and ultimately the nation.

Rozanne Hawksley: War and Memory examines remembrance, representation and memory in the apposite setting of the Queen’s House, which was once a school for sailors. The installation features new work alongside pieces from throughout Hawksley’s acclaimed career including: Seamstress and the Sea which refers to the artist’s maternal grandmother - a widow who sewed sailor’s collars for a living from the First World War until her death during World War Two; Prisoner, a sculpture created as a response to the work of the photographer Don McCullin; plus works from the memorials series.



photograph of navigation machinery

Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude

  • 11 July 2014 — 4 January 2015 *on now

The race to determine longitude at sea gripped Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, becoming a focus for serious debate, popular ridicule and single-minded scientific endeavour. Valuable rewards were on offer for whoever could crack the puzzle and Ships, Clocks & Stars presents the ingenious methods and instruments designed to scoop the Board of Longitude’s prize and transform seafaring navigation forever.

The exhibition takes visitors from the coffee houses of London to the tropical climes of Cook’s Pacific voyages, exploring the industry, imagination, relationships and rivalries that shaped one of the largest scientific and technical accomplishments in history; and showing that this world-changing tale does not begin and end with Harrison’s famous timekeepers.


£8.50 combined adult ticket includes entry to both Ships, Clocks & Stars and Longitude Punk'd exhibitions.



photograph of medals

Forgotten Fighters: the First World War at Sea

  • 1 August 2014 — 1 August 2015 *on now

As part of the National Maritime Museum’s commemoration of World War One this new gallery explores the naval and maritime dimensions of that conflict.

The horrors of the Western Front have long dominated our understanding of those years, and yet the war at sea was fought on an epic scale and with terrible human loss.

Forgotten Fighters foregrounds the personal stories of those who participated through a wide range of objects including weaponry, photographs, medals and ship models; in a gallery which takes visitors from the heroism of merchant mariners to the shattering realities of naval battle, and from the Falkland Islands and the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and the North Sea.



The Art and Science of Exploration, 1768 – 80

  • 7 August 2014 — 30 June 2015 *on now

Imagine seeing an animal as remarkable as a kangaroo for the first time. When Captain Cook’s first voyage to the South Pacific returned to Britain in 1771, he brought back accounts and images of extraordinary lands, peoples, flora and fauna. Returning twice more over the following decade, Cook established a pattern for voyages of discovery that combined scientific investigation with artistic response. Specially commissioned artists accompanied all three voyages, as well as producing works in Britain from specimens and accounts collected on the spot.

This August, in freshly-refurbished rooms at the centre of the Queen’s House, exceptional paintings, prints and drawings by five artists bring to life the attempt to understand this strange new world. The newly-acquired paintings by George Stubbs of a kangaroo and dingo go on display with portraits, landscapes and scenes of encounter with Pacific islanders, painted by William Hodges and John Webber on the second and third voyages; as well as botanical prints based on drawings by Sydney Parkinson, who died before the first voyage reached home.

These artists produced extraordinary images which worked both as scientific records of carefully-planned exploration, and sensitive representations of an unfolding new world.

Suitable for

  • Any age


A photograph of a quadruple lunar halo over a snowy landscape

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

  • 1 September 2014 — 28 February 2015 *on now

The Royal Observatory’s hugely popular Astronomy Photographer of the Year returns in 2014 to celebrate the very best in astrophotography from around the world.

The competition opens for entries in January 2014, with photographers invited to submit work to categories including ‘Earth and Space’, ‘Deep Space’ ‘Our Solar System’ and ‘Young Astronomy Photographer’. The winning images are selected by an expert judging panel which includes the Observatory’s Public Astronomer Dr. Marek Kukula.

After the awards are announced in September 2014 the winning photographs will be displayed in a special exhibition at the Royal Observatory.

The 2013 contest received a record number of entries, with over 1,200 outstanding pictures submitted from 49 countries around the globe. More details and previous winning images can be found at


Please check admission charges before visiting.

Against Captain's Orders: A Journey Into the Uncharted

  • 28 March — 1 August 2015

With so much history secured in one museum – so many objects, so many stories, so many doorways to other times and other worlds – Against Captain's Orders: A Journey into the Uncharted will take you on the adventure of a lifetime through the National Maritime Museum’s extraordinary collection of maritime artefacts.

Exciting, enlightening, and, who knows, perhaps just a tiny bit dangerous, Against Captain’s Orders: A Journey into the Uncharted promises a theatrical journey through the Museum, the like of which has never been seen before. Anyone brave enough to get on board will scarcely believe what will happen next…

Performances are open to schools and families with children aged 6-12yrs.

Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10.00 on Wednesday 24 September.

Suitable for

  • 5-6
  • 7-10
  • 11-13




Events details are listed below. You may need to scroll down or click on headers to see them all. For events that don't have a specific date see the 'Resources' tab above.

Travelling the Universe

  • 14 April — 19 May 2015

This course explores space travel, from our earliest ideas about how space travel might be achieved, via recent, current and near future developments in crewed and un-crewed space travel, to speculation on how interstellar travel and time travel might be achieved. No prior scientific knowledge is required.

Course takes place on Tuesdays.

Suitable for

  • Not suitable for children


£78.00 per person.


Resources listed here may include websites, bookable tours and workshops, books, loan boxes and more. You may need to scroll down or click on headers to see them all.

Leading Lives – Leadership lessons from Elizabeth I and Ernest Shackleton

Through their stories, students will examine some of the key themes within the leadership module of their Business Studies course, including: management styles; leading in a crisis; team-building; the promotion of a strong image and corporate 'brand'.

How to obtain

This session is only available to schools and college groups and must be booked in advance:
call +44 (0)20 8312 8575
fax +44 (0)20 8312 6522

My First Visit

A very special introduction to the Museum, tailor-made for our youngest visitors. In these hands-on, multi-sensory taught sessions, children explore treasures of the Museum's unique collection through role-play, games, puzzles, riddles, and handling real objects.

How to obtain

This session is only available to schools groups and must be booked in advance:
call +44 (0)20 8312 8575
fax +44 (0)20 8312 6522

PortCities London

Use this website to explore the history of maritime London from Roman settlements to today's Docklands. Find out about the individuals and events that have contributed to its wealth and importance, and discover the communities who have made this great port city their home.

The Adventures of Tintin at Sea

Vikings Online

This set of downloadable PDF documents has been specially written for teachers. They contain teachers' notes, classroom activiites and clear illustrations to support children studying the Vikings as raiders, traders and settlers.

How to obtain

Download from website.

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