Techniquest online

This science discovery centre in Cardiff, boasts some extremely fun interactive exhibitions to try out on their Website.Can you roll your tongue; cross your arms with the right one on top; are your earlobes free or attached?

Are you that person with blue eyes and brown hair who can roll their tongue and cross their arms with the left one on top? The interactive on-line exhibition explores just what you can do and how unusual that makes you.Other on-line exhibitions enable you to try sketching symetrical patterns and mirror-writing, look for camoflagued shapes, find out how many pints of water and pats of fat you contain and experiment with colour combinations.

As well as all this, the site is illustrated with jazzy cartoons and information for real life visitors. Exhibitions, events and services are featured. The techniquest philosophy is explained and there's loads of information for schools including an ordering facility for teachers packs.

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