National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park sees bright future after £100,000 windfall

By Culture24 Staff | 22 September 2010
A black and white photo of a historic house
The National Museum of Computing features relics used in wartime codebreaking
The National Museum of Computing, the UK's oldest purpose-built technological centre at the heart of secret wartime codebreaking headquarters Bletchley Park, has won £100,000 and the promise of future financial backing to "secure its future".

Bletchley Park Capital Partners, a commercial company for the science park housing the notoriously hard-up World War 2 home of military intelligence, will pay the venue's running costs and redecorate its historic Block H in the largest funding deal ever struck by the Museum.

"As neighbours on Bletchley Park, we have watched the development of the computing museum with great interest and admiration," announced Tim Reynolds, Chairman of the company, pledging "exciting times" for the centre.

"We are amazed at how much they have been able to achieve considering that they have received no Government or Lottery funding and pay rent for the premises on Bletchley Park.

"We believe that the museum has lots more potential to be released by further funding and would encourage other companies to join us in our support of this tremendous educational and cultural resource.

"We have committed to provide further financial support on top of this donation."

The Capital Partners established the Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre in 2004 with the Bletchley Park Trust, offering offices and support for businesses on the sprawling site.

Earlier this year the museum, which includes a rebuild of the world;s first modern computer and restorations of machines spanning the second half of the 20th century, persuaded its first sponsor to join the £12,500-a-year Foundation Sponsor scheme.

Jon Fell, a Director and Trustee of the Museum, said the cash injection would help to "sharpen up the Museum environment for visitors and volunteers", and Bletchley Park Trust leader Simon Greenish called the announcement "a hugely positive development for visitors".

"Interest in the Bletchley Park story continues to grow, with visitor numbers increasing almost three-fold during the past four years," he added.

"The news that The National Museum of Computing is to receive funding to further its development and help secure its future is superb and supports the Trust’s mission of transforming Bletchley Park into a world-class education and heritage centre."
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