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a photo of the inner workings of a clock

Guinness World Record for pendulum clock vindicates John Harrison 250 years on

Derided as "absurd"at the time, John Harrison's claim to making the world's most accurate clock has finally been proven - 250 years later - with a Guinness World Record award at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

A photo of a large modern museum in a brown brick venue on a city street

The magic fairy dust of the game: National Videogame Arcade powers up in Nottingham

Showing computer science as a discipline but still encouraging adults to do battle with virtual pants, the new £2.5 million centre for videogaming is about to open.

A photo of a map divided into different colours showing the British Isles population

Scientists create genetic map of Britain to chart immigration since the Ice Age

A typical Anglo-Saxon of European ancestry could have as little as a quarter of their DNA from that migration, say scientists using new results to judge the risk of disease.

A photo of a bright yellow spikey organism

Ten of the best scientific images of the year from the Wellcome Image Awards

Showcasing the best scientific pictures, the Wellcome Image Awards are about to tour the UK starting at MOSI in Manchester. Here are ten of the best.

A photo of an old wristwatch with gold and dark blue features

Before the Apple Watch: Six of the best timepieces used through the centuries

They might not have been able to make phone calls, but some of our oldest watches have all of the beauty of the latest technology. Here are six from the Science Museum.

A photo of a man with an old fashioned science set in a box

World's most dangerous toy goes on display at Ulster Museum

A children’s atomic energy science set - once described as the world’s most dangerous toy - has gone on display in the Elements exhibition at Ulster Museum.

A photo of a person in a dark red space suit and helmet standing within a white circle

Science festival announces stratospheric climate change solutions and survey of British sexual behaviour

More boys were born before the wars and a volcanic emulation in the stratosphere could reduce CO2 emissions, according to experts at this year's University of Cambridge Science Festival.

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