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A photo of a man with an old fashioned science set in a box

World's most dangerous toy goes on display at Ulster Museum

A children’s atomic energy science set - once described as the world’s most dangerous toy - has gone on display in the Elements exhibition at Ulster Museum.

A photo of a person in a dark red space suit and helmet standing within a white circle

Science festival announces stratospheric climate change solutions and survey of British sexual behaviour

More boys were born before the wars and a volcanic emulation in the stratosphere could reduce CO2 emissions, according to experts at this year's University of Cambridge Science Festival.

a photo of a man holding recording equipment in the snow next to a building

National Museum of Computing enlists sound artist Matt Parker to create sound archive of computing

A permanent sound archive of the restored and recreated working machines at the Museum of Computing is being created by sound artist Matt Parker.

a drawing of a series of warehouse buildings with a basement underneath

Museum of Science and Industry celebrates £3 million investment in new gallery space

Chancellor George Osborne has pledged £3 million to help create a stunning new temporary exhibition space at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

A photo of a group of scientists standing inside an office smiling

Birth, growth, decay and death in outer space: Scientists celebrate satellite's 10th birthday

Scientists in Leicester have spent ten years being woken up or interrupted by Swift, a satellite which hurtles around the Earth monitoring explosive cosmic events. But its best discoveries could be......

A black and white photo of a 19th century scientist in profile wearing a suit and jacket

Charles Darwin notebooks from first attempt at theory of evolution released online

Researchers at Cambridge University Library say thousands of images from Charles Darwin's earliest works constitute a "surviving seedbed" of On the Origin of Species.

A photo of a complicated computing machine full of colourful switches and wires

Alan Turing's World War II codebreaking Bombe is best invention, says Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The machine which decoded 5,000 German messages a day during the Second World War has narrowly beaten Concorde in a poll of engineering experts and fans.

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