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A photo of a complicated computing machine full of colourful switches and wires

Alan Turing's World War II codebreaking Bombe is best invention, says Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The machine which decoded 5,000 German messages a day during the Second World War has narrowly beaten Concorde in a poll of engineering experts and fans.

A photo of an ancient computer with a mouse and keyboard

Science Museum to open huge new gallery dedicated to history of communications

The Science Museum has revealed more details on its "reinvigorating" exhibition, Information Age: Six Networks That Changed Our World, opening this October.

a photo of a large easel contraption with a Cezanne painting held in the middle of it

Making Colour: Micro-positioning easel gives scientists and public unprecedented detail

A state-of-the-art easel is literally shedding new light on the ingenious materials used over the centuries to create artists’ paint pigments at the National gallery.

a photo of a man in lab coat and a woman in glasses looking at a large plan in front of a large computer

Lost EDSAC diagrams reveal secrets of early computers at National Museum of Computing

Ahead of the reconstruction of the world's first general purpose computer, early diagrams of a computer have been found at the National Museum of Computing.

A photo showing a section of a leaf

50 million-year-old hungry caterpillar bites found by scientists in Manchester

Scientists have used an electromagnetic radiation technique 10 billion times brighter than the sun on a leaf fossil left by an epoch on the west of the US.

An illustration showing the shadow of a monkey hanging from a tree

Picture Gallery: British Library launches first science exhibition with Beautiful Science

Early weather systems, Florence Nightingale visualisations and chimpanzees, dogs, opossums, platypuses and chickens in the British Library's first science spectacular.

A photo of a man smiling while sitting at a table having a beer within a ski centre

"The athletes are god-like beings": Rio, British Olympics and the science of cycling

Tony Purnell, the Head of Technical Development for the Great Britain Cycling Team, on trying to give athletes an edge ahead of his Cambridge Science Festival appearance.

A photo of a woman silhouetted in the darkness against a bright yellow science installation

Go inside the Large Hadron Collider as Science Museum announces tour

The exhibition which has attracted thousands of people to the Science Museum will tour to the Museum of Science and Industry ahead of an international tour.

A photo of a man silhouetted against a sunset carrying out an investigation on a coast

Ravens and research: Semiconductor and Chris Watson on Jerwood Open Forest

A Forestry Commission call to create works within the landscape has drawn up a shortlist of five proposals, including the Sheffield sound artist and Brighton pairing.

A photo of a female artist sitting on a stool in between two portrait paintings

Artist's Statement: Helen Wilson-Roe on Henrietta Lacks' story at the Science Museum

Having created a 3D work based on a heartbreaking tale, the artist explains why a trip to meet a family in America resulted in "a different way" of producing her work.

An image of a figure silhouetted against colourful glass panes inside an artist studio

Foreign Bodies, Common Ground unites art from residencies in six countries at Wellcome

From South Africa and Vietnam to Malawi and Cambridge, the Wellcome's new exhibition explores scientific forays in six countries, as seen by artists in residence.

A photo of people posing with an ancient computer

Codecrackers who thwarted Hitler remembered by relatives at Bletchley Park

The National Museum of Computing has welcomed the nephew of the man who decoded Hitler's Lorenz system and the son of the engineer behind the Colossus computer.

A picture of a small black robotic creature against a yellow backdrop.

Culture 24/7: Top Science and Nature exhibitions to see in the UK for November 2013

From robotic creatures and real butterflies to the sounds of space and the experience of being in Antartica, here are seven exhibitions and festivals to enjoy.

A photo of a young girl looking up into a sky lit by scientific rays

Brains, skeletons, birds and fish and chips: A Manchester Science Festival 2013 top ten

What's it like to be a bird or a baby panda? You could find out if you follow our top ten from this year's packed Manchester Science Festival.

a black and white photo of a man in an office cellar with a large computer

Flossie the computer is rescued from scrapheap by National Museum of Computing

An example of an ICT 1301, one of the first mass produced computers, has been saved by the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park where it will be restored.

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