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A photo of a green Aurora over a Glacier

In Pictures: The spectacular Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 Winners

Take a look at some of the best shots from this year's awards at the Royal Observatory, including the overall winner - a vivid green aurora dancing across the Icelandic night sky.

a photo of Stonehenge at sunrise

Moving on from Stonehenge: Researchers make the case for archaeoastronomy

Could new developments in archaeoastronomy prove theories that Neolithic and Bronze Age people were acute astronomical observers?

an architect's drawing of a library

Like sitting under a tree: Coffey Architects' plans for Science Museum Research Centre

Coffey architects have a radical plan to create an oasis of calm and quiet study for the new Science Museum Research Centre, which is due to open in London in 2015.

A photo of a robotic dinosaur outside a museum

Huge meteorites and baby T-Rexes: Armagh Planetarium shoots for the stars

The Northern Irish venue's first event for Museums at Night features a cinema, balloons and a robotic dinosaur made out of foam. We find out more.

A picture of a small black robotic creature against a yellow backdrop.

Culture 24/7: Top Science and Nature exhibitions to see in the UK for November 2013

From robotic creatures and real butterflies to the sounds of space and the experience of being in Antartica, here are seven exhibitions and festivals to enjoy.

A photo of a young girl looking up into a sky lit by scientific rays

Brains, skeletons, birds and fish and chips: A Manchester Science Festival 2013 top ten

What's it like to be a bird or a baby panda? You could find out if you follow our top ten from this year's packed Manchester Science Festival.

A photo of three shining white and grey planets against a black galaxy

Artist Katie Paterson sends Second Moon into orbit via Newcastle

A shard of the moon has begun a journey which will see it orbit Earth 30 times as part of the largest survey to date of artist Katie Paterson's cosmos-inspired career.

A photo of a child drawing

Festival of the Planets brings European Planetary Science Congress wonder to London

A one-off event based around classic film The Day the Earth Caught Fire and a stargazing night in Regent's Park are among the highlights of an astronomical mini-festival.

A photo of a scan of a human body as seen from the head when drinking water

The Culture24/7: Top Science exhibitions and festivals in the UK for September 2013

The British Science Festival takes place this month, but it's not all about six days in Newcastle. Ice wells and circles of fire also play their part in our picks for the month.

A photo of three tiny silver and black meteorite pieces next to a hand in a white glove

Experts trace Petrie Museum's Egyptian tomb beads to ancient outer space meteorites

New research by archaeologists has found that a set of meteorites, originally thought to have been made from iron ore, were hammered from meteorites thousands of years ago.

A photo of people looking at cases of scientific artefacts at a public event with scientists

NASA experts and maggot races in Science Uncovered at the Natural History Museum

The annual after-hours event at the Natural History Museum returns with all sorts of fun and enlightenment - including exchanges with scientists in private booths, maggot racing and chats with......

A photo of a young female artist standing in front of a darkened wall in profile

Katie Paterson to talk at Turner Contemporary before meteorite returns to outer space

Known for her intergalactic interventions, Katie Paterson - a star of the gallery's current Curiosity exhibition - will be describing her magic in Kent later this month.

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