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A photo of icebergs on an Arctic sea

Modern Titanics face greater iceberg peril, say experts on anniversary of ship sailing

New research shows that 1912 was a year of "raised but not exceptional" iceberg hazards, with the risk "likely to increase" in the future.

A photo of people holding a stone dinosaur fossil outside a museum

Dinosaur toe bone found in Doncaster to return home to Scarborough after 50 years

A metatarsal of a sauropod, spotted as a missing specimen in the collection at Doncaster Museum, is to return to the Rotunda collection for the first time since 1964.

A photo of the blood system of an insect

520 million-year-old swivel-eyed predator carried earliest cardiovascular system, say experts

A fossil found in China, related to modern insects, spiders, lobsters and millipedes, has one of the earliest blood vessel systems in a living animal, say Natural History Museum scientists.

A photo showing a section of a leaf

50 million-year-old hungry caterpillar bites found by scientists in Manchester

Scientists have used an electromagnetic radiation technique 10 billion times brighter than the sun on a leaf fossil left by an epoch on the west of the US.

A photo of various scientific bottles filled with colourful powders

Flash, quicksilver and shades of grey: Facts you may not know from the Elements show

From the Cadmium compounds that kill to the mercurial myth of modern thermometers, here are a few facts you might not know courtesy of the Ulster Museum's new show.

A photo of an ancient bottle

Radioactivity, rocket-nozzles and lethal cosmetics in the Ulster Museum's Elements

The Ulster Museum's new semi-permanent show, From Actinium to Zirconium, reveals "everything around you" and much invisible matter, says curator Dr Mike Simms.

An illustration showing the shadow of a monkey hanging from a tree

Picture Gallery: British Library launches first science exhibition with Beautiful Science

Early weather systems, Florence Nightingale visualisations and chimpanzees, dogs, opossums, platypuses and chickens in the British Library's first science spectacular.

A photo of a man standing on a hill working with scientific equipment

Science Museum to open maverick exhibition devoted to Professor James Lovelock

The Gaia hypothesiser will be revealed as a reluctant pupil with a youthful passion for museums in an exhibition, Unlocking Lovelock, opening at the Science Museum in April.

A photo of a man smiling while sitting at a table having a beer within a ski centre

"The athletes are god-like beings": Rio, British Olympics and the science of cycling

Tony Purnell, the Head of Technical Development for the Great Britain Cycling Team, on trying to give athletes an edge ahead of his Cambridge Science Festival appearance.

a photo of the interior of a museum with two large dinosaur casts

Thousands pour through doors as Oxford University Museum of Natural History re-opens

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History welcomed thousands of visitors this weekend after reopening its doors following a £2 million roof restoration project.

A photo of two orange shells against a dark blue background

From cocoon to beautiful butterfly: Zoology Museum plans Wonders of Animal Kingdom

Launched on Charles Darwin's 205th birthday, a £3 million fundraising campaign aims to turn the Cambridge Museum of Zoology into a palace of the animal kingdom in 2016.

A photo of two men standing around laughing in nothing but a pair of gold underpants

Sex, maths, monogamy and a laugh from the labs at the Cambridge Science Festival

New Art Club, Robin Ince, Rosie Wilby and stand-up researchers provide the laughs as the Cambridge Science Festival fits plenty of comedy into its packed programme.

A monochrome photo of two men in suits holding a seal during the early 20th century

Mounted seals, shrewd stoats and a taxidermy tableau: The Cabinet of Curiosities

Many visitors claim the grey Woolston seal, found swimming the Mersey in 1908, was shot by their grandfather. Criminality and a new Polly Morgan work also feature in Warrington.

A photo of a series of colourful stuffed birds inside a gallery

Dodos, Lewis Carroll and Polly Morgan: Inside Warrington's Cabinet of Curiosities

A spectacular new gallery at the 19th century Warrington Museum features more than 80 colourful birds, a seal and a giant anteater. Manager Janice Hayes tells us more.

A photo of a sculpted bust of a man with a beard in blue and black

21st century heads of Charles Darwin fill busts with ant colonies and DNA data

When a bust of Charles Darwin moved to the Grant Museum of Zoology's new home in 2011, it left an empty plinth. A head-sculpting competition will redress the balance.

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