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A photo of an ancient bottle

Radioactivity, rocket-nozzles and lethal cosmetics in the Ulster Museum's Elements

The Ulster Museum's new semi-permanent show, From Actinium to Zirconium, reveals "everything around you" and much invisible matter, says curator Dr Mike Simms.

A photo of a pyramid on grass made up of layers of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red balloons

Bubbly Maths wizards attempt largest Balloon Pyramid to raise funds for African learners

An enthusiastic team of Mathematicians and balloon artists are planning to take the mathematical world by storm next week, creating the world's largest balloon pyramid.

A photo of an indigenous Arctic man standing on snow with ice frozen to his lip

Reindeer and the Northern Lights in Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in Arctic Siberia

See British photographer Bryan Alexander's spectacular photos of the traditional life of indigenous peoples across the remote Russian Arctic.

A photo of a woman in a white laboratory jacket sitting at a desk next to a microscope

Bio-artist Anna Dumitriu's Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis

Making tactile art with bacteria, Anna Dumitriu's latest exhibition, coinciding with World Tuberculosis Day, includes a lung-collapsing machine and "killed" strains of TB.

A photo of two men standing around laughing in nothing but a pair of gold underpants

Sex, maths, monogamy and a laugh from the labs at the Cambridge Science Festival

New Art Club, Robin Ince, Rosie Wilby and stand-up researchers provide the laughs as the Cambridge Science Festival fits plenty of comedy into its packed programme.

A photo of a sculpted bust of a man with a beard in blue and black

21st century heads of Charles Darwin fill busts with ant colonies and DNA data

When a bust of Charles Darwin moved to the Grant Museum of Zoology's new home in 2011, it left an empty plinth. A head-sculpting competition will redress the balance.

A photo of a floating white image of a brain within a black box inside an art gallery

Angela Palmer opens portrait of The Artist's Brain at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Once an anatomist and journalist, Angela Palmer's installation in Edinburgh is an ethereal work based on 16 MRI scan slices of her brain.

A photo of a black and white etching showing a donkey in a physician's jacket

Wellcome Library makes more than 100,000 images freely available in huge online gift

From Goya and van Gogh to an early prescription from Egypt and a 14th century horoscope, the Wellcome has released a vast collection of exhibits online.

A photo of children playing inside a museum display with a taxidermy camel in the background

Curator freezes, tries hot yoga in shirt and tie ahead of Horniman Extremes exhibition

Ahead of a February exhibition which will challenge visitors to experience heat, cold, aridity, permanent darkness and lack of oxygen, curator Paolo Viscardi has been suffering.

A photo of a man silhouetted against a sunset carrying out an investigation on a coast

Ravens and research: Semiconductor and Chris Watson on Jerwood Open Forest

A Forestry Commission call to create works within the landscape has drawn up a shortlist of five proposals, including the Sheffield sound artist and Brighton pairing.

A photo of a mechanical dragon breathing fire into a canister outside a large museum

Win a pair of weekend tickets to Maker Faire UK - this competition is closed

Billed as an unmissable explosion of creativity, Life's Maker Faire takes place in April 2014. This competition has closed.

a photo of a man with a wooden canary

Watershed's magicians in residence make mind-reading birds and open source magic

Stuart Nolan and Kieron Kirkland have spent the past two months as magicians in residence at Watershed in Bristol; two films reveal what the pair have been doing.

A photo of a dinosaur in profile

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge see Natural History Museum's David Attenborough film

Screening on Sky on New Year's Day, Natural History Museum Alive 3D had its premiere at the institution in front of an audience headed by royalty.

A photo of two artists in lab coats standing in a portrait studio with red curtains

Review: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground at London's Wellcome Collection

Labcoats dripping with bling, photos studios from Kenya and vacuum-packed pig faces in an exhibition of works from six countries the Wellcome backs research in.

A photo of a young female curator sitting by a computer inside a museum office

Artist's Statement: Laura Tonks, of The Beacon, on tarantulas and cicadas in Peru

On a sabbatical to Peru, the creator of an Ice Age exhibition in Cumbria discusses tarantulas in toilets and the privilege of spending time with giant cicadas.

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