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A photo of a person silhouetted against a large glowing yellow scientific cylindrical machine

Culture24's top ten Science and Nature stories of 2014

Charles Darwin's notebooks, Patrick Moore's BBC scripts and David Livingstone's African beetles were a few of the big science stories covered by Culture24 this year. From Russian mammoths to dinosaurs, take a look back here.

Ancient hypnosis techniques which spawned Freud's couch revealed in madness, murder and mental healing

The case of Anna O, the "brilliant and fragile" woman cured by the hypnosis tricks Freud would abandon, is one of the tales told in a new set of stories launched by the Wellcome.

a photo of a group of people looking at an illuminated container

Container full of brains brings science art to Blackpool Illuminations

Artist Jo Berry has developed a new artwork, Brain Container, featuring a series of rotating brains in cast acrylic rotating discs for the Blackpool Illuminations.

a side profile drawing of Florence Nightingale next to a photograph of her in classic nurse outfit

Florence Nightingale's letters published online in transatlantic web project

The handwritten letters of Florence Nightingale have been digitised in a new project between British collections and the Boston University Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center.

A photo of a box with four eyeballs in it

Eyeballs, snow goggles, Maori masks and Antarctic chests: Five from the Wellcome

Phantom limb syndrome, foot binding and phrenology are part of new show An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition at the Wellcome. Here are five star exhibits.

A photo of a black and white etching showing a donkey in a physician's jacket

Wellcome Library makes more than 100,000 images freely available in huge online gift

From Goya and van Gogh to an early prescription from Egypt and a 14th century horoscope, the Wellcome has released a vast collection of exhibits online.

A photo of rows of sculpted white skull heads of plinths against a black background

Head casts of notorious criminals and great thinkers go on show in Manchester

It may now be a discredited science, but the 19th century peak of phrenology is making a return in a Christmas show with a curious cranial twist in Manchester.

A photo of two artists in lab coats standing in a portrait studio with red curtains

Review: Foreign Bodies, Common Ground at London's Wellcome Collection

Labcoats dripping with bling, photos studios from Kenya and vacuum-packed pig faces in an exhibition of works from six countries the Wellcome backs research in.

Diagram by Christopher Wren, illustrating the Circle of Willis, from Willis, Cerebri Anatome, 1664.

Bodleian Library celebrates the University of Oxford's influence on medical science

From the first description of a cell in the 17th century to recently developed self-adjustable glasses, a new exhibition charts the history of medical science at Oxford.

A photo of a female artist sitting on a stool in between two portrait paintings

Artist's Statement: Helen Wilson-Roe on Henrietta Lacks' story at the Science Museum

Having created a 3D work based on a heartbreaking tale, the artist explains why a trip to meet a family in America resulted in "a different way" of producing her work.

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