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A photo of two people sitting in a museum listening to music

Earworms, comedy and curiosity: All the fun of the Manchester Science Festival 2014

Dr Marieke Navin, the Director of the sprawling Manchester Science Festival, tells Culture24 why the 11-day programme is "real crazy" in its push to encourage creativity.

a photo of feet walking along a line

Largest artwork ever commissioned in the UK highlights climate change on streets of Bristol

Bristol residents are taking to the streets to make a 32-mile long artwork highlighting the need for UK flood defences as a result of climate change.

A fireman exploring wreckage for signs of life

Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014 winners announced

Mohammed Fahim Ahamed Riyad wins the £5,000 grand prize with his piece In Search of Life. See all the winning images here.

A photo of a deep sea diver moving above corals

In Pictures: Natural History Museum to open Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea show

See some of the panoramic views which will be on show when the Natural History Museum opens its exhibition of more than 200 coral specimens next year.

an architect's drawing of a library

Like sitting under a tree: Coffey Architects' plans for Science Museum Research Centre

Coffey architects have a radical plan to create an oasis of calm and quiet study for the new Science Museum Research Centre, which is due to open in London in 2015.

an old sketch of dinosaur bones

Fossil bones of dinosaur Iggy the Iguanodon go back on display at Maidstone Museum

Iggy the Iguanodon, whose Victorian discovery enabled palaeontologists to figure out the anatomy of a mighty dinosaur, has gone back on display in the county where he was first discovered.

a photo of a young woman collecting water wich has fllooded the dried and cracked earth of a barren field

In Pictures: Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014

From the flooded fields of Bangladesh to the eroded coastal cliffs of Yorkshire, the 2014 Environmental Photographer of the Year competition has yielded some stunning imagery.

Alex Hartley inspires county for Museums at Night with Great Warwickshire Show and Tell

Dozens of stallholders united as part of Market Hall Museum's uplifting masterplan in Warwick - dancing binmen, rock-revering geologists and hedgehog lovers among them.

A photo of a boy on a beach in Haiti putting fish into a wooden boat

Leading artists add humour and wonder to warning signs in Disappearing Nature

Jeremy Deller follows the African Eagle Owl, Marcus Coates lies in a hole and Zana Briski portrays the Mountain Gorilla of Rwanda in an environmentally-friendly London show.

A photo of a huge mound of rubbish

Science Museum summer exhibition looks like being pure rubbish

Artist Joshua Sofaer, who previously created a human scavenger hunt at Tate Modern, will assemble The Rubbish Collection from the Science Museum's waste this summer.

A photo of icebergs on an Arctic sea

Modern Titanics face greater iceberg peril, say experts on anniversary of ship sailing

New research shows that 1912 was a year of "raised but not exceptional" iceberg hazards, with the risk "likely to increase" in the future.

A photo showing a section of a leaf

50 million-year-old hungry caterpillar bites found by scientists in Manchester

Scientists have used an electromagnetic radiation technique 10 billion times brighter than the sun on a leaf fossil left by an epoch on the west of the US.

A photo of an indigenous Arctic man standing on snow with ice frozen to his lip

Reindeer and the Northern Lights in Whisper of the Stars: Traditional Life in Arctic Siberia

See British photographer Bryan Alexander's spectacular photos of the traditional life of indigenous peoples across the remote Russian Arctic.

An illustration showing the shadow of a monkey hanging from a tree

Picture Gallery: British Library launches first science exhibition with Beautiful Science

Early weather systems, Florence Nightingale visualisations and chimpanzees, dogs, opossums, platypuses and chickens in the British Library's first science spectacular.

A photo of a man standing on a hill working with scientific equipment

Science Museum to open maverick exhibition devoted to Professor James Lovelock

The Gaia hypothesiser will be revealed as a reluctant pupil with a youthful passion for museums in an exhibition, Unlocking Lovelock, opening at the Science Museum in April.

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