Age of the Dinosaur brings rocks, swamps and prehistoric beasts to Natural History Museum

By Ben Miller | 13 April 2011
A photo of a pair of dinosaur eyes
© Natural History Museum
Exhibition: Age of the Dinosaur, Natural History Museum, London, April 22 – September 4 2011

The Natural History Museum is going for the immersive touch for its big summer show.

Rocks, trees and swamp-like lagoons will play host to games, precious fossils, specimen replica handling, theories on what the world might have looked like 65 million years ago and a series of lifesize animatronic gargantuan reptiles.

A photo of a set of grey curly ammonites in a blue sea
A group of Ammonite Procheloniceras, an extinct marine creature from the Lower Cretaceous© Graham Cripps/Natural History Museum
Their numbers range from fukuiraptors – carnivores who plundered Japan in the Lower Cretaceous period – to the omnivorous harpymimus once found in Mongolia.

Towering images and film footage also tell tales of long-departed plants and animals.

  • Open 10am-5.50pm. Admission £10/£6 (free for under-3s, family ticket £26). Book online.
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