Prehistoric predators to roam Birmingham for Dino Jaws spectacular invades the Thinktank

By Ben Miller | 09 March 2011
A photo of a scaly dinosaur with yellow eyes eating a piece of marine life
Dino Jaws heads to Thinktank from the Natural History Museum
Exhibition: Dino Jaws, Thinktank, Birmingham, April 5 – September 5 2011

If you’ve ever wondered what Euoplocephaluses enjoyed for dinner, this is your chance to plunge your hands into a huge pile of excrement to find out.

A photo of a large pair of open dinosaur jaws
Animatronic beasts dominate the display
The chance to get cack-handed seems a relatively tasteful one compared to the accompanying view inside the emaciated head of an animatronic T-Rex, giving the inside glimpse of how their teeth and jaws tore, ground and sliced through food in a fearsome display which also includes a virtual dinosaur dig, object handling sessions and explanations of the evolutionary relationship between modern and extinct animals.

“The West Midlands contains some of the most fossil-rich sites in Europe and rocks in the region have given us spectacular fossilised reptile footprints and sometimes even dinosaur bones,” says Adam Smith, the Natural Science Curator for this Brummie predator invasion.

“The real Triceratops skull on permanent display in Thinktank was dug up in the badlands of Montana, USA in 1908. It’s one of only a handful of such specimens in the world, and certainly one of the finest known examples.

The fossils housed in our local museums are an important international research resource and include items from across the world. It’s great that we’re able to have an exhibition like this at Thinktank.”

  • Open 10am-5pm. Admission £8.40-£12.25 (family ticket £39).
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