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A photo of a dinosaur bone

A Dragon Robber with a missing foot: Brothers discover UK's oldest Jurassic dinosaur on Welsh beach

A dinosaur known as the Welsh Dragon that was found on a beach near Penarth has been reunited with one of its missing feet and named in honour of the fossil hunters who unearthed it.

Concrete Iguanodon monument

Crystal Palace dinosaur conservation work restores Iggy the Iguanodon to his former glory

A 160-year-old statue of Iggy the Iguanodon is one of more than 30 iconic life-sized dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures being repaired in Crystal Palace Park.

A photo of a large tree-like fossil inside a museum gallery

Object of the Week: "Stig", the huge fossil from a swamp in Wales 300 million years ago

This week we bring you the huge star exhibit of an exhibition in Wrexham which is the first to tell the tale of a Swamp Land in Wales 300 million years ago.

A photo of a forensically coloured early human skull

Scientists use skulls to show how "Last Common Ancestor" between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals might have looked

The last common ancestor between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals had a thick set brow and hints of modern humans' more delicate facial features, say scientists in Cambridge.

A photo of dinosaur footprints on rocks across an island

"A dinosaur disco preserved in stone": Scientists find tracks of long-necked sauropod dinosaurs from 170 million years ago in Scottish lagoons

Sauropods could have supported their "hopelessly heavy" weight by lounging in swamps on the Isle of Skye during the Middle Jurassic period, say scientists.

200-year-old token found on Dorset beach probably belonged to famous fossil-finder Mary Anning, say researchers

Mary Anning, the famous 19th century fossil collector who was revered across the world, probably owned a childhood token from more than 200 years ago found on a Lyme Regis beach by researchers.

A photo of a series of archaeological fossil remains in the shape of coloured teeth

Species "undiscovered" after Natural History Museum CT scans mouse-sized mid-Jurassic fossil found on Isle of Skye

A lucky discovery of a mouse-sized Jurassic fossil, found on a rock during an otherwise-uneventful trip to Scotland by a group of researchers, has resulted in the “undiscovery” of two species.

A photo of a section of brown dinosaur bone found in Horsham

"Like an armadillo on steroids": Scientists announce unique dinosaur species at Sussex museum

A dinosaur whose fossils were found in a brick pit by a museum volunteer has been renamed in honour of the West Sussex town of Horsham.

a photo of a collection of fossilised bones

Student palaeontologist stumbles upon missing fossil foot of 'Welsh Dragon' dinosaur

A palaeontology student at Portsmouth University has located the missing fossilised foot of a Jurassic dinosaur recently displayed by National Museum Cardiff.

A photo of the grey and white fossil head of the prehistoric Eusthenopteron fish

Prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago provides “missing link” between fish and land-dwellers, say scientists

The skull of a prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago could contain the “missing link” between fish and land-dwelling vertebrate animals.

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