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a photo of a dinosaur skeleton in a large hall

Protests grow as Natural History Museum says Dippy the Diplodocus move "important and necessary"

Protests grow as Dippy the dinosaur, which became the first full sauropod skeleton to go on public display in 1905, is to be removed from the Natural History Museum entrance hall.

A photo of a large whale skeleton hanging over the main corridor of a history museum

Natural History Museum's Dippy the Diplodocus to make way for Blue Whale

The vast skeleton of a blue whale is to replace Dippy the Diplodocus as the welcoming specimen at the Natural History Museum.

A mock-up image of a large sharky sea creature in a blue sea with a large beak

Scientists discover new species of "uniquely Scottish" boat-sized Jurassic reptile on Isle of Skye

Scientists hope to find out more about Scotland during the age of dinosaurs and huge marine reptiles after naming an ichthyosaur after the man who found it more than 50 years ago.

A photo of a person silhouetted against a large glowing yellow scientific cylindrical machine

Culture24's top ten Science and Nature stories of 2014

Charles Darwin's notebooks, Patrick Moore's BBC scripts and David Livingstone's African beetles were a few of the big science stories covered by Culture24 this year. From Russian mammoths to......

a photo of a reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur

Natural History Museum acquires world's most complete Stegosaurus fossil skeleton

The Natural History Museum in London is to add an almost complete specimen of a Stegosaurus to its impressive dinosaur displays.

a drawing of small dinosaurs in a swamp

Palaeontologists discover new dog-sized dinosaur species in Venezuela

A new dinosaur species the size of a small dog has been identified by scientists from the Natural History Museum and the University of Zürich.

A photo of a deep sea diver moving above corals

In Pictures: Natural History Museum to open Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea show

See some of the panoramic views which will be on show when the Natural History Museum opens its exhibition of more than 200 coral specimens next year.

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