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a photo of a collection of fossilised bones

Student palaeontologist stumbles upon missing fossil foot of 'Welsh Dragon' dinosaur

A palaeontology student at Portsmouth University has located the missing fossilised foot of a Jurassic dinosaur recently displayed by National Museum Cardiff.

A photo of the grey and white fossil head of the prehistoric Eusthenopteron fish

Prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago provides “missing link” between fish and land-dwellers, say scientists

The skull of a prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago could contain the “missing link” between fish and land-dwelling vertebrate animals.

A photo of a drawing of a large octopus from the HMS Challenger voyage of the 19th century

The starfishes, octopuses and squid of scientists' 70,000-mile 19th century journey to the deep sea

In 1872, chemists, physicists and biologists boarded the HMS Challenger and embarked upon a 70,000 nautical mile journey of global exploration. Now curators are creating a database of their finds.

A photo of the oldest true lobster at the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Dorset

16 amazing exhibits from the finest collection of Late Jurassic Kimmeridgian fossils ever assembled in Britain

As building starts on the £4.7 million Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Dorset's Kimmeridge village, here are some of the eggs, skulls, rays and predators awaiting the public.

"Dinner in the Iguanodon Model" at Crystal Palace printed in the Illustrated London News on January 7 1854, p.22

Museum revives 160-year-old dinosaur tune to showcase Iggy the iguanodon

A 160-year-old carousing song has been re-enacted into a wonderfully quirky bluegrass tune in honour of an iguanodon displayed at Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

A close up photo of a light brown fossil within a rock

Forgotten fossils from 190 million years ago refound in Bath collection of indomitable 19th century geologist

Read about a set of remarkably preserved fossils, rediscovered in Bath after almost two centuries, and the life of Charles Moore - the Victorian geologist behind them.

A photo of a large brown dinosaur with a curved neck against a grey background

Largest sauropod dinosaur ever found may be far smaller than thought, say scientists

The most complete giant sauropod dinosaur, found with almost all of its bones intact in Argentina last year, could have weighed as little as half of its estimated 60 tonnes.

a close up of an articulated dinosaur skeleton

Scientists find soft tissue fossil evidence that could unlock the biology of dinosaurs

Dinosaur fossils held by the Natural History Museum have yielded tantalising evidence of soft tissue and blood according to new research.

a drawing of a dinosaur with fur and feathers chasing a dragon fly

Welsh Dragon: Wales' first carnivorous dinosaur goes on display at National Museum Wales

Wales' first Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur, discovered by fossil hunting brothers on a beach in Penarth, has gone on display at National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

A painting of a prehistoric lizard

Scientists in Gloucestershire name new species of prehistoric lizard after Harry Potter curse

Clevosaurus sectumsemper, a new species of prehistoric lizarddiscovered by a Bristol undergraduatem, lived in the late Triassic period at a time when dinosaurs were poised to rule the earth.

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