Downs House Darwin Discovery Project Wins Funding Go-Ahead

By Culture24 Staff | 20 November 2008
A picture of Charles Darwin's study at Downs House in Kent

The study at Downs House where Darwin spent several decades. © Bromley Council

Bromley Council’s Discovering Darwin project will host dozens of public events to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the scientist’s birth next year, including a festival, walks and multimedia tours of Downs House, where Darwin spent 40 years experimenting and formulating his work.

The HLF has provided a grant of £227,500 to support the campaign, which aims to focus on the environment Darwin worked in as well as his family, ideas and methods.

Six ‘Darwin Days’ will also form part of a programme of 45 activities devised for local schools and community groups.

Alister Hayes, manager of Bromley Council’s bid to turn the plot into a World Heritage Site, said: “We are delighted that the support of the HLF will enable local people to cherish Darwin’s work in the borough. The story is of enormous interest and value. We are eager to share it, particularly with children as they will inherit responsibility for the future of their local and global environment.”

Rebecca Kane, English Heritage Visitor Operations Director for London, said: “This funding from the HLF is excellent news because it means that we can explain Darwin’s work to a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible.”

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