Mammoths of the Ice Age to visit Edinburgh's National Museum of Scotland in 2014

By Jessica King | 31 October 2013

Exhibition preview: Mammoths of the Ice Age, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, January 24 - April 20 2014

A picture of three mammals in ascending size order facing a silhouetted human figure.
Proportions© Illustration by Velizar Simeonovski © The Field Museum

Prehistoric mammoths and mastodons feature in this nose-to-trunk, hands-on exhibition featuring skull casts, teeth, tusks and fossil jaws, inviting visitors to learn about early evolutionary adaptations.

From some of the oldest human art in existence, dating from between 35,000 and 10,000 years ago, to woolly mammoth hair, which could grow up to a metre long, this will be an extensive collection of significant objects from the Ice Age.

The social groups and behaviours of mammoths and mastodons will be delved into with a fascinating comparison to today’s elephants, whose family trees and connections can be traced back 55 million years.

Visitors will be able to see and touch the biggest and smallest mammoths ever to live, as well as joust with tusks - just as male mammoths did when they roamed the landscape of Siberia thousands of years ago.

The interactive exhibition will explore controversial theories on extinction such as climate change, hunting by humans, cross-species disease and a meteorite hitting the Earth.

Also on display will be a replica model of Lyuba, the 40,000-year old baby mammoth who was found in 2007 by a Siberian reindeer herder and two of his sons.

She is the best-preserved mammoth ever discovered, with most of her features intact, providing great insights into how mammoths lived.

  • Open 10am-5pm. Admission £6-£9 (family ticket £25). Follow the museum on Twitter @NtlMuseumsScot.

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More Pictures:

A picture of a curved mammoths tusk.
src="/asset_arena/1/74/75/457471/v0_master.jpg"/© John Weinstein © 2009 The Field Museum
A picture of a prehistoric cave drawing.
RouffignacCavePtgn© Jean Plassard, Grotte de Rouffignac
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