Creatures invade Science Museum this November in a unique Robotic Safari Festival

By Jessica King | 31 October 2013

Festival preview: Robot Safari, Science Museum, London, November 27 - December 1 2013

A picture of a small black robotic creature against a yellow backdrop.
Bat-bot© Centre for Automatic and Robotics of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
This November, the Science Museum invites visitors to explore and interact with the fascinating world of bio-mimetic robots in a three-day festival showcasing the latest developments in bio-mimetic robotics through nature-inspired robots.

Visitors can trek through the un-natural habitats of these robotic creatures, encountering a Bat-bot, an underwater turtle robot and a shoal of luminous robotic fish.

As well as interacting with these swimming, flapping and crawling creatures, visitors can also learn how to programme simple robots and build and race their own robots in a series of workshops.

Dramatic and exciting advances in technology mean the Cheetah-cub can mimic a cat’s legs and can walk, trot, bound and gallop.

Built by the bio-robotics laboratory EPFL in Switzerland, Cheetah-cub is the fastest running sub-30kg robot in the world, covering almost seven body lengths per second.

The unique safari experience will enable visitors to see how nature can inspire innovative robotic designs and how these bio-mimetic robots are advancing our understanding of the animals and plants they mimic.

Robot Safari will also be unveiling the most advanced amphibious robot, pleurobot, a robotic salamander, for the first time as part of the lively festival.

  • Runs 6.45pm-9.15pm November 27, 10am-5.15pm November 30 – December 1. Admission free.

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More Pictures:

A picture of a flower-shaped robot sat in a bed of grass.
DdoecaRob© University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
A picture of a luminous fish-shaped robot.
Jessiko© Robotswim SARL, France
A four legged robot free standing on a wooden floor.
Cheetah-cub© École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
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