Entrance examination causes Westonbirt Arboretum to launch naming competition

By Culture24 Reporter | 04 September 2012
A photo of a series of bright pink flowers spiralling on a branch towards a blue sky
Magnolias at Westonbirt's nameless Glade© Jane Gifford
The gate at Savill Glade, in the Old Arboretum at the entrance to one part of Westonbirt’s 243 acres, is also a signpost to rhododendrons, azaleas, the Goddess magnolia and, according to some of its estimated 350,000 annual visitors, spring colour.

In a place where five national collections of trees are held, other fields might rustle with envy. But unlike the other entrances, which have names such as Pool Gate, Dukes Cut Gate and Down Gate, this recent addition has no official name.

So the Friends of the Arboretum, who work with the Forestry Commission to run the place, have invited the public to help.

“We would like your ideas of what this entrance should be called,” announced Director Simon Toomer today.

“As part of the Westonbirt Project, new signage will be installed throughout the arboretum during 2013 and 2014, around the same time that we plan to construct the new Welcome Building.

“This new signage will be an important part of how visitors will find their way around in the future."

The winning idea will also be rewarded with joint adult membership of the Friends group for a year.

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