Visitor wins motorbike which starred in Museum of Science and Industry Harley-Davidson show

By Culture24 Reporter | 06 January 2012
A photo of a man on a classic motorbike
Jeremy Harrison with his bike from the MOSI
A Lancashire doctor who gambled on a raffle ticket at the Museum of Science and Industry's recent showcase of Harley-Davidson motorbikes has ended up walking away with one of the star exhibits after winning an 883 Sportster model.

Jeremy Harrison, a 51-year-old Emergency Medicine Consultant, bought six tickets for the draw during a family visit to the Manchester haven of invention.

Organisers Claridon, who ran the Customising, Culture & Harley-Davidson show, have even thrown in a full tank of petrol and a 12-month warranty.

"I stood there admiring it for ages before I bought the tickets,” said the father of four.

"Afterwards I forgot all about it and was completely blown away when I heard I’d won it. I thought the kids were winding me up as I never win things.

"I had a motorcycle when I was at university and have been on the verge of getting my full licence for years, so I guess this will be the thing that finally makes me do it."
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