Spaghetti eaters and lion tamers as The Mechanicals arrive at The Oxfordshire Museum

By Culture24 Reporter | 09 August 2011
A photo of a mechanical wooden figure in a bath of spaghetti
Carb-hungry creations at The Oxfordshire Museum's new show
Exhibition: The Mechanicals, The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, until September 11 2011
The machinery filling The Oxfordshire Museum for this flourish of figurines includes Lion Tamer, where a rotating circus performer dangles his head inside a predator’s mouth, and the Spaghetti Eater, a wooden figure in a bath who leans forward to munch strands of spaghetti.

The return of these quirky inventions aims to repeat the success of last year’s automata exhibition, when a cabaret re-enactment of a biblical scene (known as Adam and Eve Pub) stole the show. To get to them, you’ll have to pass a collection box at the entrance made by Eduard Bersudsky, a Russian artist whose animation spins into jangling motion each time a donation is made.

Organisers are hoping visitors will be inspired to toy with the pieces by turning an array of dials, cogs and levers, leaving the science-infused scene with a model kit of their own to build at home.

  • Open 9am-6pm (except Sunday). Admission free.
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