Royal Botanic Garden welcomes sustainable invasion for Gold Glass Rubber and Recycling

By Culture24 Staff | 15 June 2011
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Exhibition: Gold Glass Rubber and Recycling, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, June 16 – September 11 2011

Seeing plants as a “fundamental resource” at the heart of its relentless drive for sustainability, the Royal Botanic Garden joins forces with the nearby UK branch of the Danish Cultural Institute to present work by six Danish artists who put recycled materials to eye-opening use.

They include silver and flamingo necklaces by Jeanette Lopez-Zepeda, glassboats made from copper and wire by Bettina Schori, battered baskets from Lone Villaume and intricate jewellery twisted out of data cables and rubber bicycle tubes by Lisbeth Nordskov.

Gitte Helle, an artist with a mission statement to “open people’s eyes” to the beauty of “things that have been discarded, wrecked and scrapped” contributes a porcelain brooch in the shape of a bird. “I am interested in what others are not,” she confesses. “Scrap metal, things that have been thrown away – everything that is useless.”

Ellis Hinz-Berg’s materials are softer. She’s made a multi-coloured carpet from reclaimed wool, pursuing “the repetition and unlimited variation that is found in nature. ”Colours are the shades of light,” she elaborates. I hope to present the viewer's eye with the variations of atmosphere and experience we encounter in real life."

  • Open 10am-4pm. Admission free.
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