John Shevlin's The Future Took us becomes first UCL show at Grant Museum of Zoology

By Culture24 Staff | 11 May 2011
A photo of a diamond made of yellow lines with black and white photos within it
Exhibition: The Future Took us, Grant Museum of Zoology, London, until July 2 2011

The first exhibition in the new-look Grant Museum to be co-curated by a member of University College London, which the venue is a part of, sees artist John Shevlin combine fossilisation with neon fly posters printed using limestone lithographic prints.

The idea of the posters is to create a kind of updated stone carving for a future owing something to science fiction, alluding to the notions of throwaway attitudes in contemporary society.

Shevlin pits the immortality of stone against the effervescence of fluorescent paper, his heart set on a place where the “vast expanse” of time is shaped by the “clarion call” of the future.

  • Open Monday-Friday 1pm-5pm. Admission free.
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