Museums at Night 2011: Discover the World of Science and Nature

By Culture24 Staff | 18 April 2011
a photo of the sky at night above an observatory
Stargazing is proving to be very popular for Museums at Night © National Maritime Museum
Museums at Night is a great chance to explore science, astronomy, medicine and the natural world. Here's a selection of night-time events happening on the weekend of May 13-15...

Discover astronomy with Cosmic Family Fun at the , and at ’s Saturn Day. At they are throwing a stargazing party and telescopes will also be out at and the will be out for some serious Moon gazing.  

At Birmingham’s a Space Opera will transform the Planetarium into an alien spaceship journeying through the universe to the music of Holst’s The Planets. At the , near Chichester, the telescopes will be out for some serious moon gazing.

At the other end of the county, at Herstmonceux is turning its massive historic telescope towards Saturn and its impressive ring system.

a photo of a man lying prone on a table as a woman hovers over him with a saw
Now hold still...medical history in action at the Old Operating Theatre© Old Operating Theatre
Turning to medical matters, events include Surgery by Gaslight at the in London, a Night at the Medical Museum at , Leeds or at in London, where a “lost London” quiz takes place.

Discover forensic science at , where the Thames Valley Police CSI team will be talking crimes and investigations or CSI Friday at in Cornwall uses forensic clues to investigate the history of the house.

Remember the 1980's when the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 were deadly rivals? Then you may like to head to the 's bedroom games programming night.

Or check out 's Grand Wii Tournament where there will be more Wiis than you can shake a joystick at. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.

If the natural world is more your thing then you can find out all about bees and even build a beehive at discover the natural history of Wigan through a special 'in the twilight' trail at the or learn about bats at , Lyndhurst or
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