Science Museum launches Cockroach Tours to explore climate change in Atmosphere gallery

By Culture24 Staff Published: 28 January 2011

a photo of three people dressed as cockroaches looking at a Space capsule
Back in November 2010, the Science Museum ushered in its newest interactive climate change gallery, Atmosphere, with tempting promises of wacky science art projects and interactive cockroach tours.

A couple of months on, they are being true to their word as they launch A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum.

The participatory event by art group Superflex invites punters to take on the form of cockroaches and journey through the museum. Along the way they will find out about the impact of climate change and various scientific developments – all from the perspective of the humble but resilient insect.

One of the oldest and toughest life forms on the planet, having outlived the dinosaurs, the hardy cockroaches will take in the Museum’s Energy Hall, Exploring Space and Making the Modern World galleries before completing their journey in the Atmosphere gallery.

To celebrate its launch the Science Museum is offering one lucky winner four places for themselves and their friends on a cockroach tour on either Saturday February 12 or Sunday February 13.

The winner will also be given a small handheld camera for the duration of the tour to capture their experience, which Science Museum staff will edit into a slick video to keep.

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