In Pictures: First Time Out - curatorial wonders head out for tour of London's Science Museums

| 20 January 2011
In Pictures: First Time Out at The Horniman Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Wellcome Collection, until August 21 2011

Five objects, five institutions, five interpretations. Curators have selected one previously unseen artefact from their archives and displayed it for the first time with a new interpretation. After six weeks each object moves around to a different institution to be displayed with a new label, written by the curatorial team at its host venue.

a photo of an animal skull
Cranium and mandible of a giant lemur (Megaladapis edwardsi), southwest Madagascar© Natural History Museum
a photo of a carved wooden panel with a flower and plant motif
Japanese xylarium (painted wood panels), 11 Meiji (1878)© Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
a photo of a sandpit full of toy figures such as soldiers, cowboys, animals, tanks and planes
Selection of toys, 'The world pictures for children' from the collection of psychotherapist Margaret Lowenfeld, (1929-1970s)© Science Museum London
a photo of a double bladed wooden paddle
Dance Paddle Easter Island; Oceania Wood Dancing paddle, double-bladed; both sides of one blade show stylised human face suggested by double 'U' motif representing eye sockets© Heini Schneebeli
a photo of a medical chest and bottles
“Livingstone’s Medicine Chest”, Burroughs Wellcome (1900-1910)© Wellcome Collection kept at the Science Museum, London
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First Time Out runs until August 21 2011. Each object is on display at each institution for six weeks. Visit the project online to find out where and when to see them.

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