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A photo of people looking at a human body in motion shown in forensic detail

German anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens' preserved humans to visit Newcastle

Fusing art, science and culture, the exhibition of plastinated bodies visits Life after being seen by more than 38 million visitors in cities across the world.

A photo of the blood system of an insect

520 million-year-old swivel-eyed predator carried earliest cardiovascular system, say experts

A fossil found in China, related to modern insects, spiders, lobsters and millipedes, has one of the earliest blood vessel systems in a living animal, say Natural History Museum scientists.

A photo of an ancient fossil of a lobster

"A curiosity for fabulous things": Multimillion pound Jurassic museum set for Kimmeridge

Steve Etches' incredible collection of Jurassic fossils and scientific discoveries will become a major new museum in 2016 after a £2.7 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

a photo of the interior of a museum with two large dinosaur casts

Thousands pour through doors as Oxford University Museum of Natural History re-opens

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History welcomed thousands of visitors this weekend after reopening its doors following a £2 million roof restoration project.

A photo of two orange shells against a dark blue background

From cocoon to beautiful butterfly: Zoology Museum plans Wonders of Animal Kingdom

Launched on Charles Darwin's 205th birthday, a £3 million fundraising campaign aims to turn the Cambridge Museum of Zoology into a palace of the animal kingdom in 2016.

A monochrome photo of two men in suits holding a seal during the early 20th century

Mounted seals, shrewd stoats and a taxidermy tableau: The Cabinet of Curiosities

Many visitors claim the grey Woolston seal, found swimming the Mersey in 1908, was shot by their grandfather. Criminality and a new Polly Morgan work also feature in Warrington.

A photo of a series of colourful stuffed birds inside a gallery

Dodos, Lewis Carroll and Polly Morgan: Inside Warrington's Cabinet of Curiosities

A spectacular new gallery at the 19th century Warrington Museum features more than 80 colourful birds, a seal and a giant anteater. Manager Janice Hayes tells us more.

A photo of a floating white image of a brain within a black box inside an art gallery

Angela Palmer opens portrait of The Artist's Brain at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Once an anatomist and journalist, Angela Palmer's installation in Edinburgh is an ethereal work based on 16 MRI scan slices of her brain.

A photo of the skeleton of a dodo

Discoveries: Art, Science and Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums

An egg cracked by Charles Darwin aboard the Beagle Voyage of the 1830s is among the highlights of an unusual and quirky display of discovery at London's Two Temple Place.

A photo of two baby penguins sitting in tubs

The Penguins of Grytviken get ready to dive into The Deep in Hull

Ten penguins will take over three levels of swimming and diving pools, nesting areas and beaches in Hull. The theme, say curators, is based around an abandoned Antarctic port.

A photo of a black and white etching showing a donkey in a physician's jacket

Wellcome Library makes more than 100,000 images freely available in huge online gift

From Goya and van Gogh to an early prescription from Egypt and a 14th century horoscope, the Wellcome has released a vast collection of exhibits online.

A photo of a glass roof above a huge science museum made with neo-gothic architecture

Oxford University Museum of Natural History prepares to reopen after "long, dark year"

Live bugs and specimens will await visitors when the Museum of Natural History reopens following a 14-month, £2 million roof job.

A photo of children playing inside a museum display with a taxidermy camel in the background

Curator freezes, tries hot yoga in shirt and tie ahead of Horniman Extremes exhibition

Ahead of a February exhibition which will challenge visitors to experience heat, cold, aridity, permanent darkness and lack of oxygen, curator Paolo Viscardi has been suffering.

A photo of a dinosaur in profile

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge see Natural History Museum's David Attenborough film

Screening on Sky on New Year's Day, Natural History Museum Alive 3D had its premiere at the institution in front of an audience headed by royalty.

a photo of an elephant in the wild

Wildlife crime in London revealed in new hard-hitting exhibition at City Hall

The World Society for the Protection of Animals has launched a new exhibition at City Hall charting London's role in the sickening trade in endangered wildlife.

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