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a split screen of three young people speaking

Surveillance and cyberbullying: The British Library's Magna Carta for a Digital Age

The British Library has revealed the top 10 clauses in its Magna Carta for the Digital Age vote, with government censorship and cyber-bullying scoring high among young online voters.

a close up of an articulated dinosaur skeleton

Scientists find soft tissue fossil evidence that could unlock the biology of dinosaurs

Dinosaur fossils held by the Natural History Museum have yielded tantalising evidence of soft tissue and blood according to new research.

a drawing of a dinosaur with fur and feathers chasing a dragon fly

Welsh Dragon: Wales' first carnivorous dinosaur goes on display at National Museum Wales

Wales' first Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur, discovered by fossil hunting brothers on a beach in Penarth, has gone on display at National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

Photo from a door at green countryside and trees

Searching for the science behind Tolkien's Middle-earth: Leicester University students map the hobbit metabolism

Two natural sciences students have investigated the logistical issues of lembas bread and have calculated that a hobbit would need 1,818 calories a day.

A painting of a prehistoric lizard

Scientists in Gloucestershire name new species of prehistoric lizard after Harry Potter curse

Clevosaurus sectumsemper, a new species of prehistoric lizarddiscovered by a Bristol undergraduatem, lived in the late Triassic period at a time when dinosaurs were poised to rule the earth.

A photo of a sculpture showing the face of a surgeon looking inside a human mouth

Invisible You: Eden Project looks down the lens to create show on The Human Microbiome

A rotting agar-face, live belly-button portraiture and a musical score made from the sequencing of microbial DNA all feature in a partnership between Eden and the Wellcome.

A photo of a woman in a wetsuit standing next to a sailing vessel inside a blue museum

"The ultimate in speed sailing": Moth master White aims to break women's nautical speed mile

Hannah White, the endurance sailor who will attempt to break the women's nautical speed mile record in 2016, has been introducing her Moth boat to the public at the Science Museum.

a painting of an cosmonaut doing a space walk

Cosmonauts - Birth of the Space Age: Ten images from the Russian Race for Space

The UK's largest ever exhibition of Russian spacecraft and artefacts is coming to the Science Museum in September. Here are ten images and stories to whet your appetite.

a computer generated image of a shell fish

Scientists find new fossilised English species of parasitic tongue worm

An international team of scientists has discovered a new species of fossil in England – and identified it as a 425-million-year-old parasitic intruder.

a photo of a skeleton laid out on a table

Most European men are descended from three Bronze Age forefathers say scientists

Scientists say they have found evidence that a population surge of males between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago provides evidence that most European men are descended from just three Bronze Age......

A photo of a plastic white hand on a black cushion on top of a wooden floorboard

Bone saws, surgeon chairs and scalpels: See the 19th century exhibits once used at Worcester's Infirmary

Ahead of the Infirmary's Museums at Night 2015 event, we take a look at 11 exhibits from the venue and the nearby Elgar Birthplace Museum in Worcestershire.

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