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A photo of a shape in the black deep sea

Personal hygiene goods and clothes causing "alarming" sea contamination, say scientists

A Natural History Museum project suggests that around four billion microscopic plastic fibres litter each square kilometre of the global deep sea environment.

a black and white photo of a group of people in a woodland

Re-discovered eco diaries shed new light on one of the world's most studied woods

Re-discovered diaries and photographs of ecological pioneer Charles Elton are providing a unique insight into the changing face of an Oxfordshire woodland.

a drawing of a series of warehouse buildings with a basement underneath

Museum of Science and Industry celebrates £3 million investment in new gallery space

Chancellor George Osborne has pledged £3 million to help create a stunning new temporary exhibition space at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

A black and white photo of a series of huge elephant skeletons inside a zoology museum

Bones used in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey to go on show at cinema

After hearing rumours that an Asian elephant had celebrity status, curators at the Museum of Zoology discovered it was part of the 1968 film. Now the bones are going on show.

A photo of a woman drawing a diagram of a large rhino skull inside a modern museum

Grant Museum launches public appeal to save the rarest skeleton in the world

Endangered gorillas, Siamese crocodiles, Javan rhinos, baby orang-utans and Ganges river dolphin skeletons are among the much-loved specimens the London museum is hoping to preserve for visitors and......

A photo of a group of scientists standing inside an office smiling

Birth, growth, decay and death in outer space: Scientists celebrate satellite's 10th birthday

Scientists in Leicester have spent ten years being woken up or interrupted by Swift, a satellite which hurtles around the Earth monitoring explosive cosmic events. But its best discoveries could be......

a photo of a reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur

Natural History Museum acquires world's most complete Stegosaurus fossil skeleton

The Natural History Museum in London is to add an almost complete specimen of a Stegosaurus to its impressive dinosaur displays.

A black and white photo of a 19th century scientist in profile wearing a suit and jacket

Charles Darwin notebooks from first attempt at theory of evolution released online

Researchers at Cambridge University Library say thousands of images from Charles Darwin's earliest works constitute a "surviving seedbed" of On the Origin of Species.

A photo of a man in a blue shirt standing up inside a scientific office

Philae lander: Rosetta scientist hails achievement, says comet surface could be light and fluffy

Professor Cowley, who was involved in the early planning stages of the Rosetta mission, says the project has been a success so far despite issues with the landing.

A photo of a satellite above a dark grey comet in outer space

A weak comet and a sandblasted spacecraft: NASA expert on the Philae Rosetta mission

Professor Stanley Cowley, who was part of the team which spent 15 years planning the Philae's mission to discover space secrets, says Comet67P is an "old" and "very weak" comet.

In Pictures: European Space Agency's Philae Rosetta comet probe thrills scientists

Pictures from the landing as the Philae probe, named after an obelisk, inspired by the British Museum's Rosetta Stone and launched by archaeologists, astronomers and scientists, reaches its comet.

A photo of an ancient rhinoceros skull on a table inside a museum

Name that rhino: Museum asks public to join in after dismantling huge animal skeleton

The Grant Museum of Zoology is asking the public to name its largest specimen after live tweeting the disassembly of a rhino which will undergo "serious conservation work".

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