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Photo of a slug impaled on a thorn

Object of the Week: "Slug on a thorn", the 120-year-old mollusc used to cure warts

Our object of the week comes from The Pitt River Museum, Oxford and is a 120-year-old slug used to cure warts

A photo of a dinosaur bone

A Dragon Robber with a missing foot: Brothers discover UK's oldest Jurassic dinosaur on Welsh beach

A dinosaur known as the Welsh Dragon that was found on a beach near Penarth has been reunited with one of its missing feet and named in honour of the fossil hunters who unearthed it.

A photo of a terracotta bust of 18th century scientist sir isaac newton

Object of the Week: A bust based on a cast of Isaac Newton's face made at his death

John Belchier, a surgeon of the Royal Society, said this bust, made in terracotta in 1731, "esteemed more like than anything extant of Sir Isaac".

Concrete Iguanodon monument

Crystal Palace dinosaur conservation work restores Iggy the Iguanodon to his former glory

A 160-year-old statue of Iggy the Iguanodon is one of more than 30 iconic life-sized dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures being repaired in Crystal Palace Park.

A photo of an ancient drawing of a figure on a piece of brown and yellow parchment

Shakespeare, Darwin, human dissection and oracle bones: Ten of Cambridge University's greatest treasures

Dissections, bones and a manikin as Cambridge University Library celebrates 600 years as one of the world's greatest literary institutions.

A picture of an illustration of a man on an ancient book

Scholar, Courtier, Magician: The Lost Library of 17th century scientific genius John Dee

A new exhibition reveals Elizabeth I's court adviser as a complicated and determined man who shirked fame in favour of knowledge and alchemy. Sophie Beckwith explains more.

a photo of round disc of a planet partly shrouded in darkness, with swirls of grey, blue and brown across its surface

Stunning images of space from the Natural History Museum's Otherworlds exhibition

Embark on a stunning journey through space with Otherworlds: Visions of our Solar System, a new photographic exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

A photo of crane birds flying into a blue sky

Twelve of the best ways to see wildlife in the UK in 2016

From cranes on the chilly Norfolk banks to live streaming of peregrines on the roof of Derby Cathedral, plan your 2016 with this guide to great wildlife spotting by the Wildlife Trusts.

A photo of a forensically coloured early human skull

Scientists use skulls to show how "Last Common Ancestor" between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals might have looked

The last common ancestor between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals had a thick set brow and hints of modern humans' more delicate facial features, say scientists in Cambridge.

A photo of the front page of an ancient medical book with black ink on the front

Object of the Week: Scotland's first medical book, to be read out to people infected by the plague

Scotland's first printed medical book was inspired by the plague that broke out in 1564-69 and published in response to it.

A photo of a female musician in profile

Body of Songs: Music artists take on human organs in sci-indie album with Wellcome Trust

Read the thoughts of Ghostpoet, Bat for Lashes, Goldie, Dave Okumu and more on their collaboration with scientists dedicating each song on an album to a human organ.

A photo of dinosaur footprints on rocks across an island

"A dinosaur disco preserved in stone": Scientists find tracks of long-necked sauropod dinosaurs from 170 million years ago in Scottish lagoons

Sauropods could have supported their "hopelessly heavy" weight by lounging in swamps on the Isle of Skye during the Middle Jurassic period, say scientists.

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