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a photo of a reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur

Natural History Museum acquires world's most complete Stegosaurus fossil skeleton

The Natural History Museum in London is to add an almost complete specimen of a Stegosaurus to its impressive dinosaur displays.

A photo of a man in a blue shirt standing up inside a scientific office

Philae lander: Rosetta scientist hails achievement, says comet surface could be light and fluffy

Professor Cowley, who was involved in the early planning stages of the Rosetta mission, says the project has been a success so far despite issues with the landing.

A photo of a satellite above a dark grey comet in outer space

A weak comet and a sandblasted spacecraft: NASA expert on the Philae Rosetta mission

Professor Stanley Cowley, who was part of the team which spent 15 years planning the Philae's mission to discover space secrets, says Comet67P is an "old" and "very weak" comet.

A photo of an ancient rhinoceros skull on a table inside a museum

Name that rhino: Museum asks public to join in after dismantling huge animal skeleton

The Grant Museum of Zoology is asking the public to name its largest specimen after live tweeting the disassembly of a rhino which will undergo "serious conservation work".

A photo of the skeleton of a whale hanging in a kind of carpark enclosure

Museum of Zoology calls on public to sing like finback and provide voices for new Whale Hall

Ahead of the return of a famous finback, sound artist Chris Watson and voice teacher Rowena Whitehead will lead the first of dozens of singing workshops in Cambridge this weekend.

A photo of a woman picking at seaweed on a shore under a blue sky

Search is on for great Victorian female seaweed collector who left specimens in Scarborough

A Whitby-based phycologist wants to discover the story of Georgiana J Wise, a Victorian woman whose beautifully-preserved seaweed specimens have been found in store.

a photo of a group of people looking at an illuminated container

Container full of brains brings science art to Blackpool Illuminations

Artist Jo Berry has developed a new artwork, Brain Container, featuring a series of rotating brains in cast acrylic rotating discs for the Blackpool Illuminations.

A photo of a boy and a man in kayaking gear looking over a river

11-year-old Sir Ranulph Fiennes fan completes epic 25-mile kayak journey in aid of Polar Museum

A schoolboy has completed an onerous 25-mile mission in his kayak, helping the Polar Museum to buy a set of photo negatives from Captain Scott's final journey along the way.

A photo of a complicated computing machine full of colourful switches and wires

Alan Turing's World War II codebreaking Bombe is best invention, says Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The machine which decoded 5,000 German messages a day during the Second World War has narrowly beaten Concorde in a poll of engineering experts and fans.

A photo of a green Aurora over a Glacier

In Pictures: The spectacular Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 Winners

Take a look at some of the best shots from this year's awards at the Royal Observatory, including the overall winner - a vivid green aurora dancing across the Icelandic night sky.

A close-up photo of a black and orange beetle

Curator finds 150-year-old David Livingstone African beetles in box at Natural History Museum

A set of pinned beetles collected by the Victorian explorer during his infamous Zambezi River expedition will go on show to the public for one night only after being found during a routine collection ......

an architect's visualisation of a gallery with an aeroplane hung at its centre

Can the Science Museum make maths sexy with its new Mathematics Gallery?

An unprecedented £5 million donation and a world-renowned architect are combining to bring mathematics to life at the Science Museum.

A photo of a man carrying a microphone silhouetted against a dramatic sunset

Artist's Statement: Chris Watson on sexy cheetahs and slumbering elephants

The sound artist and Cabaret Voltaire founder on blood-stained zebra carcasses in Africa, singing seals in the Arctic and new immersive sound app Nimbus.

a photo of feet walking along a line

Largest artwork ever commissioned in the UK highlights climate change on streets of Bristol

Bristol residents are taking to the streets to make a 32-mile long artwork highlighting the need for UK flood defences as a result of climate change.

Basement Jaxx and Charles Darwin inspire 7 Bridges arts regeneration in south London

A party under a bridge at Loughborough Junction, in south London, will launch an explosion-inspired art project and World War I app this weekend.

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