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A big rock next to the coastline

Geosites Photography Competition winners announced

The winners of the Geological Society's 100 Great Geosites Photography Competition have been revealed, showing images of outstanding beauty across Britain.

A close up drawing of a fly's head

From the head of a fly to the teeth of a snail: Ten of Robert Hooke's Micrographia Diagrams

The wonderful illustrations from Robert Hooke's 1666 bestseller, Micrographia, have been released into the public domain by The National Library of Wales. Here are ten of our favourites.

a photo of a semi translucent and transparent jellyfish in a dark ocean

A first glimpse: Ten images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 competition

Wrestling komodo dragons, an ethereal octopus and a thirsty squirrel are among the creatures captured on camera by the finalists of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 competition.

A black and white photo of men standing in a mine at the UK's largest salt mine in Winsford, Cheshire

The vault beneath the UK's largest salt mine where thousands of earth cores from prehistoric London are stored

35 million years of London's geology is preserved 150 metres underground in a Cheshire salt mine. Take a look inside.

a photo of a collection of fossilised bones

Student palaeontologist stumbles upon missing fossil foot of 'Welsh Dragon' dinosaur

A palaeontology student at Portsmouth University has located the missing fossilised foot of a Jurassic dinosaur recently displayed by National Museum Cardiff.

A photo of the grey and white fossil head of the prehistoric Eusthenopteron fish

Prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago provides “missing link” between fish and land-dwellers, say scientists

The skull of a prehistoric fish from 385 million years ago could contain the “missing link” between fish and land-dwelling vertebrate animals.

A photo of a large close-up tiger at Manchester Museum

Object of the Week: Maude, the pride of Manchester and the first museum tigon for 100 years

Maude was the most famous animal in Manchester's Belle Vue Zoo during the 1940s, seen by visitors from all over the country. When she died in 1949, her skin was given to the Manchester Museum.

A photo of a drawing of a large octopus from the HMS Challenger voyage of the 19th century

The starfishes, octopuses and squid of scientists' 70,000-mile 19th century journey to the deep sea

In 1872, chemists, physicists and biologists boarded the HMS Challenger and embarked upon a 70,000 nautical mile journey of global exploration. Now curators are creating a database of their finds.

A photo of a curator looking at an object inside National Museums Scotland's National Museums Collection Centre in Edinburgh

Tiny beetle and huge sperm whale skull star in new National Museums Collection Centre in Edinburgh

The new three-storey National Museums Collection Centre is the home of nearly ten million objects in Scotland. Take a look inside here.

A photo of the oldest true lobster at the Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Dorset

16 amazing exhibits from the finest collection of Late Jurassic Kimmeridgian fossils ever assembled in Britain

As building starts on the £4.7 million Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Dorset's Kimmeridge village, here are some of the eggs, skulls, rays and predators awaiting the public.

A photo of a hoverfly in the UK as seen by the Royal Society of Biology

Top ten British garden insects: Ecologists ask the public to choose their favourite British bugs

Ecologists from the Royal Society of Biology have picked ten of their favourite UK insect species and asked the public to choose theirs. Which ones would get your vote?

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