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A photo of a piece of burning earth

Artist uses steel to warn of towns at risk of fracking in Unseen Landscapes exhibition

Abstract painter Sam Peacock, from the at-risk fracking destination of Rugby, says his earth-based works awaken a "devil spirit" through destructive methods.

A photo of a man's face under the cover of darkness

Laughing Holes and Slaptalk: Ten things to see at this year's Sick! Festival

From the changing face of porn to a homage to artist Frida Kahlo, this year's festival is about to begin in Brighton and Manchester. Here are a few of the oddities to enjoy.

A photo of two small dissections of brain

Brain fields, cocaine cravings and OCD: Public to be given inside story of scientists' latest experiments

Scientists working with art say that the magnetic fields in our brains change when we lie to our bosses, listen to crying babies or watch visual illusions.

a painting of a dolphin like creature swimming in a blue sea

New species of extinct British marine reptile emerges from Doncaster Museum storeroom

A new type of ichthyosaur, an extinct marine reptile which was alive during the time of the dinosaurs, has been identified from a fossil found on Dorset’s Jurassic coast.

A photo of a man with an old fashioned science set in a box

World's most dangerous toy goes on display at Ulster Museum

A children’s atomic energy science set - once described as the world’s most dangerous toy - has gone on display in the Elements exhibition at Ulster Museum.

Experts say skull from South America shows largest rodent ever to have lived used teeth like tusks

Scientists and archaeologists carrying out CT scans on the Josephoartigasia monesi say the buffalo-sized rodent used its incisors to dig and defend itself.

Huge T-rex moved outside museum after sculptor's A1 lorry trip

A model dinosaur sculpture used in a primordial-themed college ball has been moved to the oldesst geological museum - Cambridge's Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

A photo of a person in a dark red space suit and helmet standing within a white circle

Science festival announces stratospheric climate change solutions and survey of British sexual behaviour

More boys were born before the wars and a volcanic emulation in the stratosphere could reduce CO2 emissions, according to experts at this year's University of Cambridge Science Festival.

A photo of a man sitting at a table eating a burger wearing a suit with blonde hair

First art exhibition on Mad Cow Disease to take place at London's Hayward Gallery

Former Turner Prize nominee Roger Hiorns, who has explored BSE alongside scientists as part of the History is Now series, says the time is right for a "reassessment" of the crisis.

a photo of a dinosaur skeleton in a large hall

Protests grow as Natural History Museum says Dippy the Diplodocus move "important and necessary"

Protests grow as Dippy the dinosaur, which became the first full sauropod skeleton to go on public display in 1905, is to be removed from the Natural History Museum entrance hall.

A photo of a large whale skeleton hanging over the main corridor of a history museum

Natural History Museum's Dippy the Diplodocus to make way for Blue Whale

The vast skeleton of a blue whale is to replace Dippy the Diplodocus as the welcoming specimen at the Natural History Museum.

A black and white photo of a male politician in a hat and suit standing next to a plane

Exhibition Review: Winston Churchill's Scientists at the Science Museum

The Churchill of the Science Museum's exhibition is a more boyish character, fascinated by the inventions of HG Wells and drawn to boundary-pushing ideas, says Rachel Teskey.

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