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a photo of a dinosaur skeleton in an empty museum gallery hall

Natural History Museum makes amends by sending Dippy the Diplodocus on a nationwide tour

After the shock of his departure from the NHM there are smiles all around the UK as Dippy the Diplodocus prepares to head out on a massive tour of the UK.

a photo of a stuffed gorilla

Can museum taxidermy help primate conservation? Monkey Business conveys a serious message

A vast collection of new taxidermy specimens is to be revealed at National Museum Scotland in the most comprehensive exhibition on primates ever staged in the UK.

Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond dives headlong into mental health at the Wellcome Collection

Are museums the right place for discussions about social issues, and should their exhibitions tackle them? Rachel Teskey takes a look at the Wellcome's new show, which starts with the 13th century......

a photo of a man standing in a gallery in the town of sanquhar in scotland

"It holds vast cosmic forces": Shuttle astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman shows up at Scottish town's science-art exhibition

Jeffrey Hoffman, the five-mission shuttle astronaut and savior of the Hubble Space Telescope, was a surprise visitor to the Merz Gallery, in Sanquhar, for its Landscape of Waves exhibition.

A photo of an intergalactic sky

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016: Twenty-seven images as the awards are announced

Chinese photographer Yu Jun has beaten thousands of amateur and professional photographers to win this year's overall prize at the Royal Observatory. Here are 27 of the chosen pictures.

A photo of an ancient section of dissected skin against a black background

Object of the Week: Jeremy Bentham’s 184-year-old skin sitting in a box in London

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham could never be accused of hypocrisy. A firm rationalist, after his death in 1832, and according to his instructions, he was publicly dissected and displayed. This is......

A photo of scientists looking at a molecular graphene material in manchester

Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Could a carbon revolution be about to happen? The first major exhibition on the magical material strongly suggests the future is graphene - with a little help from leading artists and scientists.

A photo of a person wearing colourful glowing clothing in artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor

A big societal change? The hi-tech clothing that changes colour to show air pollution

Artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor is a design for clothing with colours that change according to the pollution on the streets its wearer walks down. It's about to premiere in Manchester.

A photo of a young museum visitor looking at objects from space history as part of the Above and Beyond exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in London

Above and Beyond at the National Maritime Museum: A place to let your inner kid run wild

From the first photo taken of Earth from deep space to the latest technology and experiments, the National Maritime's Museum fun new exhibition is deceptively scientific, discovers Rachel Teskey.

a multi-dimensional photograph of a human skeleton

Burke's skeleton to human body parts: New app opens up University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Collections

We take a look at the grimly fascinating collection of the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum, where a new interactive app has been launched to open it up to people worldwide.

A photo of wildlife in Chernobyl at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Cameras capture Chernobyl's thriving wildlife 30 years after world's worst nuclear disaster

A two-day virtual reality event in Manchester is about to show what life looks like in Chernobyl - 30 years after Reactor 4 exploded.

A photo of an artistic reinterpretation of the skull of king richard the third

Artist uses X-ray scans of King Richard III's skull to create a forensic record of his remains

Alexander de Cadenet has used X-rays of the skull of Richard III to create a series of vanitas artworks more than 500 years after the king's death.

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