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a computer generated image of a shell fish

Scientists find new fossilised English species of parasitic tongue worm

An international team of scientists has discovered a new species of fossil in England – and identified it as a 425-million-year-old parasitic intruder.

a photo of a skeleton laid out on a table

Most European men are descended from three Bronze Age forefathers say scientists

Scientists say they have found evidence that a population surge of males between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago provides evidence that most European men are descended from just three Bronze Age forefathers.

A photo of a plastic white hand on a black cushion on top of a wooden floorboard

Bone saws, surgeon chairs and scalpels: See the 19th century exhibits once used at Worcester's Infirmary

Ahead of the Infirmary's Museums at Night 2015 event, we take a look at 11 exhibits from the venue and the nearby Elgar Birthplace Museum in Worcestershire.

A black and white photo of a large, long fossilised brain

"A crucial transformation": Scientists use 500 million-year-old fossilised brain to study evolution of animal heads

Dr Javier Ortega-Hernández, from the University of Cambridge, says a brain from Canada has solved the mystery of how anthropod bodies evolved from soft to hard.

a painting of dinosaurs at a lagoon surprised by a meat eating dinosaur

Dinofest2015 brings the world's leading dinosaur exhibits to museums across Hampshire

As the imminent release of Jurassic Park Four signals a new round of dino-mania, prehistoric creatures are set to invade Hampshire for a monumental year of exhibitions and events in the county's top......

a photo of a various fragments of bone with annotation

Ice Age Britons were cannibals say Natural History Museum scientists

New research on human remains from Gough’s Cave in Somerset reveals how our Stone Age ancestors participated in ritual cannibalism.

A photo of a large modern museum in a brown brick venue on a city street

The magic fairy dust of the game: National Videogame Arcade powers up in Nottingham

Showing computer science as a discipline but still encouraging adults to do battle with virtual pants, the new £2.5 million centre for videogaming is about to open.

A photo of a map divided into different colours showing the British Isles population

Scientists create genetic map of Britain to chart immigration since the Ice Age

A typical Anglo-Saxon of European ancestry could have as little as a quarter of their DNA from that migration, say scientists using new results to judge the risk of disease.

A photo of a reconstruction of a large lobster-like creature in a deep turquoise sea

Huge lobster-like animal filtered seawater for food 480 million years ago, say fossil hunters

Zoologists in Oxford have used 3D remains discovered in Morocco to detail a new type of anomalocaridid - a marine animal family which appeared 520 million years ago before going extinct.

A close-up photo of an ancient map in yellow and green with black ink

World's first nationwide geological map to go on show alongside tales of father of English geology

A rare copy of William "Strata" Smith's map, produced in 1815, is about to go on show at the Yorkshire Museum. Find out more about his life.

A photo of a bright yellow spikey organism

Ten of the best scientific images of the year from the Wellcome Image Awards

Showcasing the best scientific pictures, the Wellcome Image Awards are about to tour the UK starting at MOSI in Manchester. Here are ten of the best.

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