Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote - Weston Park Museum Sheffield

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 23 May 2007
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photograph of a museum gallery with screen interactives and a model of two young polar bears

The museum now has a dedicated family area with the Arctic World exhibition space. © Sheffield Museums Trust

The voting for the 2007 Readers' Poll for the Gulbenkian Prize is now closed

Not only have we had an amazing response to our Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote, but we've received literally hundreds of fantastic comments, showing just how much museums and galleries mean to local people. Here's a selection showing what our readers feel about Sheffield's redeveloped Weston Park Museum.

“Sheffield is a city which has only just started to recover from the decline of heavy industry in the 1970s and 1980s. The renewed and revitalised Weston Park museum is the project which, of the many happening in our city at the moment, is helping to give us back the sense of pride which never went away, but which has only just started to be prominent once more.” Elizabeth

“I am a registered childminder and went along to the museum during the Easter break with a group of seven children and two other childminders for a day out. The children enjoyed the museum so much, but only got to see a third of it and insisted that I cancel other arranged outings for that week so that they could return for a second visit!” Margaret

photograph of a large stuffed gorilla in a museum display case

Guy the Gorilla is on loan to the museum from the Natural History Museum in London. © Sheffield Museums Trust

“I've been visiting Weston Park museum since I was a lad in the 50s (I used to run all the way - those were the days!) but hadn't been for a number of years, so I was amazed to find how much it had changed for the better when I took my kids in the other week. Most importantly, the museum has always felt like an integral part of the community it serves and this is reflected very strongly in the exhibits and displays on show.” Tony

“We particularly love the recreated period rooms – including a display on the Miners’ Strike so crucial to the history of this area and indeed the country as a whole.” Carolyn Waudby.

“A truly brilliant museum. Weston Park Museum ticks all the boxes. Welcoming, entertaining, inclusive, educational and exciting!” Adrienne Thornton.

“As a child I used to visit the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield many, many times. I loved it there and saw many interesting exhibits - it certainly helped my education. Now as a 70 years old Senior Citizen, I was delighted to take one of my grand-daughters there this week-end, when she paid me a visit from Nottingham. I was amazed and thrilled at the transformation of the Museum I loved and knew as a child. Whoever is responsible for this deserves a huge pat on the back.” Mrs Yvonne Holloway.

photograph of a museum display with a tree tableau in the foreground and large rhino in the distance

The What On Earth Galleries showcase the city's famous natural history collection. © Sheffield Museums Trust

“On a personal front, the section on Parkhill flats was fascinating. My grandparents were one of the first tenants, moving from a two up, two down terraced house in Atterclife (which they shared with my great uncles' family) to a three room maisonette. They had nothing but good memories of the flats… It was refreshing to see a positive review of a community which is often referred to as an eyesore.” Sarah

“A fantastic place to visit. As a child I would be dragged to museums around the country by my parents. Now my children drag us to the museum without fail every weekend.” Jim.

“I would like to vote for Weston Park Museum in Sheffield because it makes a particular effort to represent the variety of ethnic and social groups that go to make up the city today. It also has exhibits that appeal hugely to children. One Sunday my daughter was given the choice of whether to visit an indoor kids play area or Weston Park Museum and she chose the museum.” Julia Shergold.

“I have never before visited a museum which engages children’s minds like Weston Park. My daughters, aged two and four, cannot get enough of the place. They would be there every weekend, given half the chance. What’s more, we can sit with them whilst they partake of the interactive displays, or we can leave them engrossed in their voyage of discovery and have a look at the exhibits ourselves.” Leon Black.

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