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a photo of two hand-thrown ceramic vessels with reeds decoration

Shaped from the Earth: Sheffield Ceramics to take centre stage at Millennium Gallery

The wealth and variety of handmade ceramics produced in Sheffield today will be celebrated at the Millennium Gallery this summer in a show curated by local potter Penny Withers.

a sketch of a cedar tree above two houses contained within a circle

Lost Stanley Spencer sketchbook found by The Hepworth Wakefield during research for summer exhibition

The Hepworth Wakefield has uncovered a sketchbook by the artist Stanley Spencer, dating from 1907 and containing his earliest known drawings and a short story.

A photo of an archaeologist repacking damp clay onto burnt crania, containing cooked brain, for further firing

Shamans packed skulls with clay and burnt brains inside them in prehistoric Europe

Archaeologists have recreated the brutal approach hunter-gatherers took with red deer skulls 11,000 years ago - cutting away the lower jaw and throwing them on a fire.

a painting of white lilies in a garden

The year of Stanley Spencer: Galleries celebrate the life and works of an English genius

A trio of exhibitions together with events, readings and a flurry of book publications mark the 125th birthday of Stanley Spencer in 2016/17.

a photo of the words The Mysterious Being Known As God is an atemporal score with a probable time base in the region of 10 16 seconds

Bafflingly brilliant: A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham at the Henry Moore Institute

Matter, physics, process and monuments to labour; John Latham rethought the limits and possibilities of art and he gets his day in a show pairing him with sixteen artists at the Henry Moore Institute ......

A photo of a historic dress on show at York Castle Museum

"Supermodel" mirrors and body-bracing iron Tudor corsets: Shaping the Body exhibition goes beyond bum implants

Corsets made of iron and mock-up kitchens are part of a display predating the age of bum implants at York Castle Museum.

A photo of prehistoric Iron Age archaeological discoveries made at Pocklington in Yorkshire

Dozens of Iron Age skeletons found at prehistoric Yorkshire settlement could reveal burial rituals 2,500 years ago

A set of 75 square barrow graves from the Arras culture of Iron Age Yorkshire, found at a housing development in Pocklington, could tell archaeologists all about life 2,500 years ago.

"It looked pretty normal at first": Young archaeologist recalls finding 11,000-year-old pendant at Star Carr

Tom Bell, who dug up an 11,000-year-old, possibly shamanic prehistoric necklace at North Yorkshire's Star Carr site last month, says he originally thought the pendant was a bead.

A photo of an old typewriter used by author Enid Blyton

Object of the Week: The typewriter author Enid Blyton would use her forefingers to furiously jab at

Enid Blyton's prolific career was achieved through a typewriter perched on her lap - given to her in 1927 by Hugh Alexander Pollock, an editor she'd married three years earlier.

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