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A photo of a colourful moth sculpture in a tribute to aviation hero Amy Johnson in Hull

Moths are everywhere: Hull's homage to flight hero Amy Johnson is a swarm of multicoloured moths

From the Stade de France and Cristiano Ronaldo's eyebrow to a Hull shopping centre and the city's aquarium, The Deep, moths seem to be ubiquitous. The ones on Humberside are a homage to a flying heroine.

A photo of a piece of historic chocolate at York's Chocolate Story

Terry's Chocolate Apple and Rowntree's in the trenches: York and Australia linked by Chocolate Story

For World Chocolate Day 2016, take a look at the tins sent to World War One soldiers and the Australian author whose Penguin book is inspired by York's chocolate history.

A photo of a can of Beck's bier with a black handle on it as created by artist Jason Taylor

Barnsley arts centre says town's "Pound Shop of the North" tag is great - and calls on residents to send in objects

Partly inspired by a now-defunct Twitter account casting the South Yorkshire town in an unflattering light, Barnsley's Civic has issued a call for objects alongside an exhibition by artist Jason Taylor.

A photo of artist Mat Collishaw looking at a white sculpture inside the National Trust's Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

A drunken orgy and Zeus's sons: Mat Collishaw's Folly at a pond and banqueting house in Yorkshire

A strobe-lit chandelier channels an elitist 18th century drinking club in one of two new installations by Mat Collishaw, set between the Banqueting House and Temple of Piety at the National Trust's......

A photo of various ancient stone artefacts at Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey: The unseen treasures from the first Cistercian abbey in the north of England

See 15 of the highlights from the new museum at the Rievaulx Abbey - from stone heads and gold coins to the royal stamp of Henry VIII and 11th century pieces from chess sets used by monks.

a photo of two hand-thrown ceramic vessels with reeds decoration

Shaped from the Earth: Sheffield Ceramics to take centre stage at Millennium Gallery

The wealth and variety of handmade ceramics produced in Sheffield today will be celebrated at the Millennium Gallery this summer in a show curated by local potter Penny Withers.

a sketch of a cedar tree above two houses contained within a circle

Lost Stanley Spencer sketchbook found by The Hepworth Wakefield during research for summer exhibition

The Hepworth Wakefield has uncovered a sketchbook by the artist Stanley Spencer, dating from 1907 and containing his earliest known drawings and a short story.

A photo of an archaeologist repacking damp clay onto burnt crania, containing cooked brain, for further firing

Shamans packed skulls with clay and burnt brains inside them in prehistoric Europe

Archaeologists have recreated the brutal approach hunter-gatherers took with red deer skulls 11,000 years ago - cutting away the lower jaw and throwing them on a fire.

a painting of white lilies in a garden

The year of Stanley Spencer: Galleries celebrate the life and works of an English genius

A trio of exhibitions together with events, readings and a flurry of book publications mark the 125th birthday of Stanley Spencer in 2016/17.

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