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A photo of a stack of silver and gold coins against a black background

Hoards, axes, rings and dress pins: Archaeologists survey treasures from Bronze Age to Tudor period in Wales

Eight Welsh finds have been declared treasure in Wales, from a metal detectorist's discovery of a hoard of coins in Glamorgan to a 16th century ring inscribed with words of romance.

A close up photo of a gold lock ring from the bronze age against a black background

Gold lock rings which could have been gifts to gods in Bronze Age Wales are declared treasure

Wrexham will acquire two sheet gold Bronze Age lock rings, each weighing less than ten grams and found nine months apart in the same field in the Welsh village of Rossett.

A photo of a skeleton through an opening in a floor

An amazing grave: Archaeologists say skeleton of woman is latest known early medieval burial found in Wales

Archaeologists will carry out tests on the dental enamel of a 12th or 13th century woman, in her 60s and suffering arthritis, found beneath a church site in Nefyn.

A photo of a circular gold ring against a black background

Gold hair-ring worn by high-status figure shows value of metal in Bronze Age Wales, say archaeologists

A gold hair-ring and a set of copper ingots found on farm land come from around 3,000 years ago, say archaeologists at National Museum Wales.

An artist stands in a gallery beside a sculpture of a goat on wheels

Too good not to share: The sixth Artes Mundi prize rocks National Museum Cardiff

As Theaster Gates shares his prize money with a shortlist of nine, Culture24's Mark Sheerin spends an evening in the Utopian world of Artes Mundi 6.

a photo of a man in a leather jacket standing in front of an art installation

Socially engaged Chicago based artist Theaster Gates wins the £40,000 Artes Mundi 6 Art Prize

Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates has won the UK’s most generous contemporary art prize, Artes Mundi 6, with a socially engaged installation that contemplates religion, symbolism and power.

A photo of a series of jagged stone bronze age artefacts against a black background

Exotic hoard artefacts found in field hint at long-distance Bronze Age sea travel, say archaeologists in Wales

The Principle Curator for Prehistory at National Museum Wales says a set of buried artefacts from 3,000 years ago could have come to west Wales from southern England or northern France.

How old is that house? Archaeologists find some of Britain's oldest houses in Snowdonia

A five-year quest to scientifically date some of Wales's ancient monuments has surprised archaeologists and excited hundreds of residents who got involved. Richard Suggett, who has written a book......

Colour photo of a couple of industrial workers taking a lunchbreak

Nine artists in citywide Artes Mundi exhibition bring international biennial feel to Cardiff

Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, Theaster Gates and Omer Fast among shortlist for world class art prize deserving of more attention. Mark Sheerin visits the show.

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