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a photo of a rust-coloured spherical object with a hole in its centre and imprints of shells on its outer surface

Ten countries, ten ceramicists: The International Ceramics Festival 2015

As Aberystwyth's International Ceramics Festival prepares to open its doors on a weekend of lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, firings and stalls, we look at the work and ideas of ten very different international ceramicists taking part.

A photo of a boy holding up an archaeological artefact

Archaeologists begin digging at "incredible" prehistoric hillfort on outskirts of Cardiff

Archaeologists have spoken of their excitement at returning to Caerau Hillfort, where they aim to double the number of public participants after attracting 2,000 people last year.

A photo of a fossil-like grey rock with crags against a black background

Species which invaded Brazil and Caribbean could threaten British wildlife, says National Museum Wales

Six types of bivalve, washed up from the south-east coast of the US, could out-compete natives such as scallops and the edible oyster.

A photo of a brownfield archaeology site in a town centre surrounded by excavators

Archaeologists in Flint find ditch built by Edward I to defend English against Prince of Wales

The defensive ditches of a town in north-east Wales, built by the English in 1277, have been discovered by archaeologists beneath the walls of a 19th century pub.

Photo of a man looking at an antique telescope

Napoleon's spyglass restored for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo

A new exhibition marking the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo will also feature the Duke of Wellington’s Book of Common Prayer and the first ever articulated wooden leg.

a drawing of a dinosaur with fur and feathers chasing a dragon fly

Welsh Dragon: Wales' first carnivorous dinosaur goes on display at National Museum Wales

Wales' first Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur, discovered by fossil hunting brothers on a beach in Penarth, has gone on display at National Museum Wales in Cardiff.

A photo of an illustration of a rural Roman villa

Olive oil and dog paw prints: Archaeologists say villa discovery reveals Wales's Roman trading links

Archaeologists have revealed more about a previously unknown villa found beneath fields in Abermagwr in 2011.

a painting of a British square putting up dogged resistance against attacking French cavalry.

Ten of the best Waterloo exhibitions to see for Waterloo200

The bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo is upon us with scores of events happening over the next two weeks, but you still have time to catch some stunning Waterloo exhibitions throughout the......

A black and white photo of a band of men posing on a beach with their backs to the camera

Rock photographer Chalkie Davies opens exhibition with NME at National Museum Cardiff

The Clash, The Specials, Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Thin Lizzy and The Who make up part of the photographed line-up at National Museum Cardiff this summer.

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