Cornwall's 100 Objects in Focus: A Cauldron from Marazion Museum

| 12 August 2011
a photo of a cauldron cooking pot
© Cornwall Museums and Bernie Pettersen
“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Actually this isn’t witch’s cauldron – as far as we know – but rather a late seventeenth century cooking pot that comes courtesy of Marazion Museum.

Brass cauldrons like this were highly prized, high status implements. Used over an open fire they were also highly practical pieces of kitchen ware that were in use from the Bronze age until the early eighteenth century, when they largely fell out of favour in western culture.

The Aga of it’s day, this one was minted in Taunton at the Fathers Foundry. It’s just the kind of cauldron that would have graced the kitchen of a Maraizon Merchant’s house. 

See more and make a comment about it on the Cornwall in 100 Objects Page of the History of the World website. See the cualdron at Marazion Museum.

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