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A photo of archaeologists in high-visibility clothing standing in front of a stone smiling

More than a pile of stones: The archaeological quest at a burial chamber in Neolithic Cornwall

Jacky Nowakowski, of the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, tells Culture24 about the incredible restoration of Carwynnen Quoit, a megalith also known as The Giant's Frying Pan.

A photo of a coastal meadow

Could a Cornish meadow be the site of a mass grave from a shipwreck 300 years ago?

Experts investigating the wreck of the Royal Anne, wrecked on Cornish shores after returning from Barbados nearly 300 years ago, believe 200 bodies could be buried in a meadow.

A photo of a large gold ancient ring

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold, a medieval matrix and an amulet in Cornwall

Anna Tyacke, the Finds Liaison Officer for Cornwall, chooses a Roman gold bracelet or neck fragment, a medieval silver seal matrix and a first pestle amulet.

A black and white photo of some ancient stones in a field

Cornish archaeologists celebrate as 5,000-year-old "Devil's Frying Pan" of Carwynnen Quoit is restored

The capstone of a 5,000-year-old burial chamber has been lowered into place in Cornwall, ending a five-year project to restore a monument which collapsed almost 50 years ago.

A photo of a large brown and black pot from Egypt

Flinders Petrie pot from 19th century Egyptian grave discovered in Cornish garage

A pot used to pay a taxi fare during the 1950s has been matched to a grave from a large cemetery excavated by the master of Egyptian archaeology more than a century ago.

A photo of groups of families celebrating with an award a museum has won

National Maritime Museum Cornwall enjoys Family Friendly Awards win

Organisers say they "could not be more chuffed" as Cornwall's National Maritime Museum celebrates victory at two major award ceremonies.

A wooden jointed doll lies on a table with a knife buried in its chest.

Andrew Lanyon's The only non-slip dodo mat in the world at Falmouth Art Gallery

Andrew Lanyon presents The only non-slip dodo mat in the world at the Falmouth Art Gallery, an exploration of imagination and inventiveness across multiple disciplines.

A photo of a group of people sitting around an outdoor archaeological site

Archaeologists in Cornwall hope for tomb discoveries among Neolithic stones

The Sustainable Trust, a charity who saved a set of stones built by early man, tell us why their dig at Carwynnen Quoit could reveal an ancient tomb.

A photo of two people creating art on an interactive wall on the upper floor of a gallery

Matisse, Mondrian and the Mayor of New York City: Tate announces 2014 exhibitions

Damien Hirst's 2013 show was the most popular ever solo exhibition for Tate, whose plans for the forthcoming year include a digital display allowing visitors to add their own art.

A photo of a gallery on a beach

Summer Tate St Ives exhibition dodges smoke damage after deep fat fryer fire

Fears that artworks may have been affected by a kitchen fire attended by three ambulances have been allayed at Cornwall's best-known art gallery.

A photo of a collage featuring a young woman in a car in black and white

Punk collage, textiles and iconic installations in Tate St Ives Summer 2013 show

Tate St Ives' eclectic summer show features eight artists including Linder Sterling, Patrick Heron and Allen Ruppensberg.

a photo of a potter at his wheel

The Leach Pottery reveals its east-meets-west ethos in Shigeyoshi Ichino Memorial Exhibition

One of the later Japanese potters to work at the Leach is celebrated with a show celebrating the East-West flow of ideas began by Bernard Leach during the early 20th century.

A photo of a sculpture of two upright yellow works in front of a bouquet of flowers

Marking the Line: Ceramics and Architecture at Sir John Soane's Museum

Curators say Making the Line, which will take work by four leading ceramicists to a trio of historic venues, is unlike anything ever previously attempted at a museum.

An overhead photo of a huge boat on a dockyard, made out of wood

Archaeological remake of 4,000-year-old boat faces "moment of truth" in Cornwall

An amazing project to reconstruct an ancient boat, carried out using Bronze Age axeheads and prehistoric techniques in Cornwall, could see the vessel launch this week.

An overhead photo of a group of people carrying out an outdoor archaeological dig

Cornish lord Sir James Tillie found in chair burial after 300 years at Pentillie Castle

Excavators believed they have found Sir James Tillie's body, buried in his best clothes alongside books, wine and his pipe 300 years ago, in a hidden vault.

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