Isambard Kingdom Brunel Exhibition

By Dave Badminton, Pendon Museum
a photograph of a man wearing a large top hat and smoking a cigar

There are many sides to Isambard Kingdom Brunel as will be revealed in a forthcoming exhibtion at Pendon Museum. © Institution of Civil Engineers.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth, Pendon will be staging a special exhibition from April 9 to September 29, 2006, featuring many of Brunel’s creations. Guest layouts on June 10 and 11 will feature Brunel’s Broad Gauge railways.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is well known for his engineering achievements – railways, shipbuilding and bridges. Of these he is best known for his work on the Great Western Railway.

The original line from Bristol to London passes through the Vale of White Horse - represented in Pendon’s Vale Scene. Indeed Pendon’s model scenes incorporate many of Brunel’s works – his timber viaduct and the Italianate station on the Dartmoor scene – Box Tunnel entrance, Acorn Bridge and the station building from Culham.

The latter, built in the 1840s, is the last surviving example of this design of station building. The original preserved building is only 3 miles from Pendon Museum

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