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A photo of a gold shard with decorations within it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: The story of an early Bronze Age lunula found in Dorset

Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, the Finds Liaison Officer for Dorset, tells Culture24 about landowners chucking cows out of fields and neck rings found in grave settings.

A photo of a large gold ancient ring

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold, a medieval matrix and an amulet in Cornwall

Anna Tyacke, the Finds Liaison Officer for Cornwall, chooses a Roman gold bracelet or neck fragment, a medieval silver seal matrix and a first pestle amulet.

A photo of a gold coin with the face of a Roman emperor and lettering engraved on it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold coins and daggers of war in the west

Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, introduces an extremely rare gold coin and a dangerous metal dagger found by a fisherman.

A photo of a woman holding up a skull inside a museum

Salisbury Museum opens £2.4 million Wessex Gallery of Archaeology

BBC presenter Dr Alice Roberts and Time Team's Phil Harding were among the visitors to the Salisbury Museum's new £2.4 million gallery for an opening weekend full of fun.

A photo of various green archaeological vessels

Archaeologists plan Roman shrine excavation in Wiltshire as Wessex Gallery opens

Ahead of the opening of the new gallery and the start of the Festival of Archaeology, Finds Liaison Officer Richard Henry tells us about a few finds.

A photo of a skull in a stone-filled pit

Skeletons beneath Dorset villa could reveal health and ancestry of 4th century Romans

Archaeologists in Dorset say a set of five adult skeletons, found in the first burial of villa owners close to their residence, could hold "significant information" about the Romans.

A group of 20 women and a dog in WW1

Mid Devon at War: Tiverton Museum recalls the home front in the First World War

Tiverton Museum is paying tribute to the men and women of the Mid Devon home front with a new exhibition exploring how the First World War affected the bucolic county.

An overhead photo of a packed festival with a stage illuminated by bright lights

Glastonbury Festival 2014: Shangri-La stage steals the show for surrealism with art inferno

Heading to Glastonbury? Don't miss Shangri-La, where more than 20 artists from across the world are converging to create heaven and hell for this year's festival.

A photo of a brown wooden box of artefacts

Experts baffled by 4,500-year-old Iraq royal tomb food offerings discovered in Bristol box

Archaeologists in Bristol are examining how tomb artefacts, believed to come from Sir Leonard Woolley’s excavations at Ur during the 1920s and 1930s, came to Bristol.

A black and white photo of some ancient stones in a field

Cornish archaeologists celebrate as 5,000-year-old "Devil's Frying Pan" of Carwynnen Quoit is restored

The capstone of a 5,000-year-old burial chamber has been lowered into place in Cornwall, ending a five-year project to restore a monument which collapsed almost 50 years ago.

A photo of two large prehistoric huts

Neolithic houses showed Stonehenge residents as talented builders, recreators say

See pictures of the Neolithic houses which have been opened to the public at Stonehenge - recreated based on the painstaking building processes of 2,500 years ago.

Glastonbury Festival

Postcards from Pilton: Inside the V&A's Glastonbury Festival archive

See pictures from the earliest days of the festival, when The Kinks headlined and tickets cost £1, to Glastonbury's modern-day standing as one of Britain's grandest annual events.

A photo of a woman covered in mud dancing at an outdoor music festival

V&A and Glastonbury to create festival archive in "fascinating witness" to a phenomenon

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis says his "crazy hippy trip" will find a natural home at the V&A after agreeing to create an archive of the 44-year-old British institution.

A photo of a large brown and black pot from Egypt

Flinders Petrie pot from 19th century Egyptian grave discovered in Cornish garage

A pot used to pay a taxi fare during the 1950s has been matched to a grave from a large cemetery excavated by the master of Egyptian archaeology more than a century ago.

a photo of a bridge at night lit beneath

How do you better a talking post box? Bristol's Playable City seeks out tech savvy public art pioneers

The Playable City competition is down to the last eight. But just who will be entertaining the people of Bristol this year with a playful digital art installation?

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