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A photo of various small labelled stone artefacts from a prehistoric site

Britain's history "could be wrecked" by Stonehenge tunnel, say archaeologists who found prehistoric frog legs

Archaeologists who have discovered burnt frogs and bull remains at the country's oldest Mesolithic encampment say the government is more interested in re-election than history.

a photo of a golden torc and coins covered in earth

Archaeologists in Jersey find solid gold torc hidden in Celtic coin hoard

A solid gold torc has been discovered in Jersey hidden in a Celtic coin hoard which has astounded archaeologists by yielding a total of six torcs and other treasures.

A photo of a circular settlement imprinted onto the green grass of a rural plain

Archaeologists reveal "thriving" lost city of Old Sarum centuries after disappearance

Archaeologists have used non-intrusive techniques to reveal the layout of the lost medieval city which was the earliest settlement of Salisbury in Wiltshire.

A photo of ancient prehistoric rocks on a hill under a blue sky

English Heritage and National Trust welcome Stonehenge tunnel plans

English heritage and the National Trust have both welcomed the government's announcement today that a tunnel will be built to remove the A303 from the Stonehenge landscape.

A photo of a black and white x-ray scan on a long narrow sword

Army hospital x-rays reveal intricacies of Anglo-Saxon sword, shield, spear and grave goods

Archaeologists have spoken of their excitement after using army facilities to scan a large Anglo-Saxon sword found at the Salisbury Plain site where 27 bodies were discovered.

Bristolians dance under streetlights in six-week digital art show Shadowing

Artists Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier say Shadowing, their digital artwork in the streetlights around Bristol during September and October, was played 100,000 times.

A photo of a coastal meadow

Could a Cornish meadow be the site of a mass grave from a shipwreck 300 years ago?

Experts investigating the wreck of the Royal Anne, wrecked on Cornish shores after returning from Barbados nearly 300 years ago, believe 200 bodies could be buried in a meadow.

A photo of a Roman House in a country park

Museum hopes to save vital piece of community history after fire attack on Roman House

Leaders in Dorset are looking to the future following the apparent arson attack which burnt down a much-loved reconstruction of a Roman House in a country park.

A photo of a burnt out hut in a forest

Prehistoric house which was "fantastic" Roman resource destroyed by arson in Dorset

Learning managers at Poole Museum are appealing for information after an attack on a faithful recreation of a Roman citizen's house left them "heartbroken".

A photo of a green statue of an ancient woman

Detectorist couple's Roman busts, medieval tags, brooches and bowls to be revealed

A sword broken during the late Bronze Age and a bust of a female follower of Bacchus will be among the highlights when the Salisbury Museum reveals more amazing finds.

A photo of a large number of archaeological coins under brown mud next to a stick

In Pictures: The 22,000-coin Seaton Hoard found by archaeologists in Devon

Take a look at the 4th century Roman coins which thrilled experts at the British Museum - including the coin declared the Portable Antiquities Scheme's millionth find.

a photo of small golden fragments next to the eye of a needle

New analysis says Stonehenge treasures were made by children

A new analysis of prehistoric artefacts found near Stonehenge suggests that children as young as ten were blinded by the ultra fine microscopic gold craftwork used in the making burial gift......

A photo of people in suits standing in front of tanks inside a museum

Tank Museum reflects on brush with Brad Pitt as Fury gets set for London Film Festival

Fury, which opens next month and will close the BFI's London Film Festival, will star a Tiger Tank and a Sherman, borrowed from the Tank Museum and filmed in Oxfordshire.

A photo of a large white archaeological stone on grassland on a hill overlooking the sea

Public invited to see excavation of 4,000-year-old Bronze Age barrow on Dartmoor edge

The Bronze Age Emmet's Post, a Scheduled Monument being excavated as part of a government-approvedquarry expansion in Devon, will open to the public this weekend.

a photo of feet walking along a line

Largest artwork ever commissioned in the UK highlights climate change on streets of Bristol

Bristol residents are taking to the streets to make a 32-mile long artwork highlighting the need for UK flood defences as a result of climate change.

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