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Plan your day out in the South West! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Guernsey and Jersey.

A photo of an Anglo-Saxon warrior skeleton found at a Ministry of Defence site in Tidworth

More Anglo-Saxons - including a warrior and a high-status woman - have been found by archaeologists in Wiltshire

Archaeologists have excavated a 1,300-year-old cemetery of 55 burials at a Ministry of Defence site - near the development where another cemetery was investigated in April.

A photo of archaeologists working on a brown Roman site at the Exeter and Devon Crematorium

A huge complex from the Roman army's invasion and a pit containing a pig's head have been found at a Devon crematorium

Two Roman military buildings, divided into a series of rectangular rooms during the Roman army’s conquest of the south-west in the second half of the 1st century, are being excavated in Exeter.

A photo of archaeologists working on a countryside stone seat at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park in Cornwall

A cobbled floor from 200 years ago has been uncovered beneath an ancient seat in Cornwall

Archaeologists have found the floor and central wall of a seat where a rare deer house collapsed in ancient Cornwall.

A photo of a large country house in Wiltshire where Roman archaeology was found

Archaeologists have found a Roman child's stone coffin and a mosaic at a former villa site in Wiltshire

Rug designer Luke Irwin and Historic England Archaeologist Dr David Roberts on the incredible discovery of what could be one of the country's largest Roman villas near a house in Wiltshire.

A photo of archaeologists carrying out an excavation of roman baths in the archway centre

Archaeologists excavate two hidden Roman baths beneath the streets of Bath

In a dark underpass below Bath, archaeologists have been excavating two hidden Roman baths for the first time since the 1960s in a development which will form part of a new learning centre.

A photo of an ancient workbox found at Ministry of Defence army land in Bulford

Anglo-Saxon graves and Neolithic pits and monuments found at MOD army base where anti-tank weapons were tested

Two Neolithic monuments, prehistoric pits and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery of 150 graves containing spears, knives, jewellery and bone combs have been discovered in Wiltshire.

A photo of Paul Simmons, from artists Timorous Beasties, sitting in Plymouth College of Art

Artist's Statement: Timorous Beasties' Alistair McAuley on creating a Bedsit in a gallery

Alistair McAuley is one half of Timorous Beasties, the design studio which has been commissioned by Nike, Kate Bush and Famous Grouse. Their new exhibition has just opened in Plymouth.

an oil painting of a landscape with sparse trees and big sky

How Thomas Hardy's Wessex lured the Edwardian artists of the Slade

The Royal West of England Academy is exploring how Thomas Hardy's Wessex cast its spell over artists of the Slade between the 1880s and 1920s with a show of stunning Dorset landscapes.

A photo of a graphic designed First World War poster appealing to the call of compulsion

England expects: Seven striking First World War posters which urged men to enlist

Within months of World War One breaking out, it became clear that recruiting enough volunteers to win the war was a huge task. Ahead of a new exhibition in Bath, see some of the persuasive posters......

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