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A photo of small archaeological stone objects in a museum

In Pictures: New exhibition revealing huge archaeological dig at Somerset's Hinkley Point

The team behind one of the country's largest excavations have opened an exhibition, Landscapes of Power: The Archaeology and History of Hinkley Point.

A photo of archaeological stones at a brown or mud field site

Dark Age cemetery, dog bones, cremations and central-heated Roman villa found on huge Somerset archaeological site

A decapitated female and a Roman villa heated by a hypocaust system are among the finds at Hinkley Point, where a power station will be built across a space the size of 160 football pitches.

A photo of a large modern brick council building in front of a traditional roundabout

English Heritage and archaeologists express concern as thousands sign petition over Dorset development

Archaeologists and heritage supporters are urging West Dorset County Council not to let a multimillion pound development in Dorchester go ahead without a full archaeological investigation.

A photo of a large light green Bronze Age axehead against a black background

Archaeology from Bronze Age Stonehenge country helps experts building huge record of prehistoric objects

3D recreations will be made from more than 100 artefact documents in the Bronze Age Index set of cards, sent to the British Museum by curators in Wiltshire as part of the Micropasts project.

A photo of a large mansion on green grass surrounded by scaffolding under a blue sky

£3.8 million restoration of 17th century Dyrham Park roof begins as organisers thank supporters

A 17th century mansion near Bath will have its roof replaced with 46 tonnes of lead and 8,000 Welsh slates in a major restoration backed by around 10,000 donations.

A photo of archaeologists in high-visibility clothing standing in front of a stone smiling

More than a pile of stones: The archaeological quest at a burial chamber in Neolithic Cornwall

Jacky Nowakowski, of the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, tells Culture24 about the incredible restoration of Carwynnen Quoit, a megalith also known as The Giant's Frying Pan.

A photo of a large cylindrical silver cup with gold tinges and a circular golden top

"Breathtakingly rare" late Middle Age feasting cup and chalice to go on national tour

Known as the Lacock Cup, a feasting cup made out of a kilogram of silver for a high-ranking 15th century nobleman is about to begin its tour from the British Museum in Salisbury.

A photo of various small labelled stone artefacts from a prehistoric site

Britain's history "could be wrecked" by Stonehenge tunnel, say archaeologists who found prehistoric frog legs

Archaeologists who have discovered burnt frogs and bull remains at the country's oldest Mesolithic encampment say the government is more interested in re-election than history.

a photo of a golden torc and coins covered in earth

Archaeologists in Jersey find solid gold torc hidden in Celtic coin hoard

A solid gold torc has been discovered in Jersey hidden in a Celtic coin hoard which has astounded archaeologists by yielding a total of six torcs and other treasures.

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