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Plan your day out in the South West! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Guernsey and Jersey.

A photo of a dark brown human skull

Skeleton of necklace-wearing adolescent will help archaeologists discover "frenzied" Stonehenge of 4,000 years ago

The remains of an amber necklace-wearing adolescent child who died 4,000 years ago have been found in a foetal position at the bottom of a Neolithic henge near Stonehenge.

A close up photo of a light brown fossil within a rock

Forgotten fossils from 190 million years ago refound in Bath collection of indomitable 19th century geologist

Read about a set of remarkably preserved fossils, rediscovered in Bath after almost two centuries, and the life of Charles Moore - the Victorian geologist behind them.

A photo of archaeologists working on the top of a cliff

Burnt mound discovered by archaeologist on Dorset cliff could have been used in Bronze Age ritual feasts

A scorched mound hanging from a Dorset cliff could have burned during ritual feasting 3,000 years ago, say experts who have been able to examine the Bronze Age feature before its destruction by coastal erosion.

A photo of a ladder leading down into a circular stone archaeological pit outdoors

Archaeologists say prehistoric mini-town in Dorset is "extremely significant" in story of Roman Britain

A large, previously unknown prehistoric town - dubbed Duropolis in honour of the Durotriges tribe who once filled it - has been discovered by the Big Dig project in Dorset.

A photo of containers used to hold sliced bacon

Independence Day 2015: Bacon tins, suncream, lard and sauce left by US soldiers during World War II

Finds Supervisor Sue Nelson, of Wessex Archaeology, on the remains of World War II mess kitchens found on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

A photo of a green farming field under a grey and white sky

"An untouched archaeological treasure chest": Excavations to begin at vale ten times size of Stonehenge

The Vale of Pewsey, where Marden, a house built in around 2400 BC stands, is at the centre of a three-year archaeological investigation led by the University of Reading.

Photo of a gold disc with a cross

Stonehenge sun-disc from the dawn of history goes on display in Wiltshire for summer solstice

A sun-disc dating from 2,400 BC found just 20 miles from Stonehenge has gone on display at Wiltshire Museum for the first time to mark the summer solstice.

A photo of two elegant red dresses with a yellow sash inside a museum display case

Object of the Week: Wallis Simpson's nightdress at the Allhallows Museum of Lace in Honiton

We take you to the Allhallows Museum of Lace in Honiton to meet the wonderful scarlet chiffon nightdress, capelet and full-length gown once worn by Wallis Simpson.

A photo of a circular gold coin from a museum collection against a brown background

Ancient gold shows prehistoric trading route existed between Cornwall and Ireland, say experts

Ancient artefacts made of imported gold, investigated in the Museum of Ireland collections, suggest that there was no universal value of gold for thousands of years.

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