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Plan a day out in the South East of England here! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex.

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A photo of a skeleton in a brown mud and sand grave

Body of young woman who had Charles I shilling placed over eye found in shallow Oxford grave

Archaeologists helping to create a new quad for a college in Oxford say they are unsure why a young woman would have been buried in a gardening area during the 17th century.

a photo of various buckles, handles, stones and coins

Winchester museums acquire comprehensive collection of local archaeological artefacts

A remarkable private collection of local archaeological finds has been acquired for Winchester's museums by Hampshire Cultural Trust.

A photo of a man's face under the cover of darkness

Laughing Holes and Slaptalk: Ten things to see at this year's Sick! Festival

From the changing face of porn to a homage to artist Frida Kahlo, this year's festival is about to begin in Brighton and Manchester. Here are a few of the oddities to enjoy.

A photo of a man diving underwater

Archaeologists use underwater wheat to show how British Mesolithic farmers were linked to Europe

Hunter-gatherers off the south coast of Britain had extensive trade links with farmers in southern Europe 8,000 years ago, say archaeologists who believe a "new chapter" in British and European......

A photo of various mannequins inside an ornate chamber next to a black screen

Great Expectations: Adam Chodzko sends artworks to B&Q, a pumping station and the Guildhall in Kent

A tool chest given to his son by a cabinet-maker in 1796 is the key element of the Great Expectations project in Kent. But DIY shopping, a bus station, outer space and the Medway all play their part.

a formal panting of a seated woman in an orange dress

Liberating Fashion: Watts Gallery offers a sumptuous social history of Aesthetic dress in Victorian portraits

Watts Gallery reveals how the artists of the Aesthetic Dress Movement had a wide-reaching impact on perceptions of beauty, health and the fashions via late Victorian portraiture.

A photo of a woman wearing blue gloves looking at archaeological stones in a laboratory

Archaeologists reveal "beautiful" bronze handle, Samian cup and ring of gods from 2nd century burial

Three artefacts from a Roman burial found last by a metal detectorist in Buckinghamshire last October have gone on display, including a "beautiful" bronze handle of national importance.

a photo of a battleship in dry dock

Crowdfunding bid to complete restoration of WWI veteran HMS M.33 for Gallipoli centenary

Crowdfunding is being adopted by the National Museum of the Royal Navy to complete the conservation of First World War veteran vessel HMS M.33 in her centenary year.

A photo of a load of silver coins against a black background

Lenborough hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins stars as Treasure Report launches at British Museum

Paul Coleman, who found the massive hoard of coins in Buckinghamshire just before Christmas, says the discovery was comparable to glimpsing Tutankhamen's tomb for the first time.

a photo of a plane being craned over a fence

Boulton Paul Defiant fighter arrives safely at Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust

Following its 240-mile motorway journey the beautiful replica of a Boulton Paul Defiant has arrived at its new home, the Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust at Hawkinge.

A photo of an enormous ship

Fines on banks provide £1 million boost for UK's last Second World War Landing Craft from D-Day

The project to restore the LCT 7074 - a Landing Craft which carried up to ten tanks at a time on D-Day - will benefit from the banking crisis, the Chancellor has announced.

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