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Plan a day out in the South East of England here! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex.

A photo of Tracey Emin's Love is what you want artwork, in which neon words light up inside a glowing heart

Tracey Emin's love, Polly Morgan's birds and Jeremy Deller's yachts: Five artworks for under £1,000 at the Art Car Boot Fair

As the Art Car Boot Fair prepares for its first edition in Margate, we take a look at works by Tracey Emin, Jeremy Deller, Mat Collishaw, Polly Morgan and more.

A photo of the folded ensign of HMS Warspite in a box

Fragile ensigns from Battle of Jutland unfurled at Portsmouth National Museum of Royal Navy

Ensigns from the First World War Battle of Jutland, some damaged in battle, have been unveiled together at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth for the first time since 1916.

A photo of the remains of a dog being uncovered by archaeologists in Iron Age Silchester

Was the growth of an Iron Age town in Britain down to French immigrants? Archaeologists begin £1 million project at site where Prehistoric poodle was found

An 18-year excavation at one of Britain's most important Roman sites will use a £1 million grant to attempt to detail the rapid expansion of Calleva Atrebatum - now known as Silchester.

A photo of a large Japanese kiln being fired in the forest of Wytham Woods, near Oxford

Object of the Week: A Japanese potters' kiln inspired by 6th century Koreans and set up in an Oxford wood

This 11-metre-long, roofed-tunnel kiln promises to look like a large fiery dragon as flames and smoke billow from holes running along both sides.

A knight

Falcons, polecats and swords: Arundel Castle International Joust Week in pictures

The story of the first day at Arundel Castle's International Joust Week 2015.

A photo of two archaeologists standing on a hill

Archaeologists plan to excavate Eastbourne burial site of hundreds of bodies

An Eastbourne burial site where 200 bodies have been uncovered during the past 150 years will be excavated in late August.

a photo of a woman seated behind a loom with thread on it

Back to the loom: Weaver Jenny KilBride on Ditchling and the Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic

As Jenny KilBride MBE steps down as Trustee of Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, she talks to Culture24 about her life as a weaver, the transformation of the museum and Eric Gill's Guild in......

A photo of a pair of ancient black medieval shoes

Archaeologists find dozens of medieval shoes in good condition at Greyfriars dig in Oxford

Archaeologists say they have recovered the remains of about 50 medieval shoes during the early stages of excavations at a priory and former watercourse site in Oxford.

An image of the front of a book drawn in black pencil showing various royal figures

"Disgraceful" first edition of Alice in Wonderland, rejected by book's illustrator, goes on public display

Curators say they can understand why illustrator John Tenniel complained about the printing of an edition with a print run of 2,000 in June 1865.

a photo of the side of HMS Victory with the hull painted in mustard and black stripes

HMS Victory to be re-painted in original Battle of Trafalgar colours

The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth is re-painting HMS Victory, the most celebrated ship in naval history, to make it historically accurate for the time of the Battle of Trafalgar in......

a photo of three faces in close up one drinking from a golden cup

Richard Dadd: Art, psychosis and the Victorian asylum at Watts Gallery

The career of Victorian artist Richard Dadd was overshadowed by psychotic illness, murder and incarceration. A new exhibition of his works at Watts Gallery in Surrey explores a rare and visionary......

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