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Plan a day out in the South East of England here! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex.

a drawing of a female nude sitting with legs crossed on a folding chair

Drawing the Nude: Pallant House traces the journey of the nude since Manet's Olympia

Pallant House is looking at the way artists have captured the nude since Édouard Manet’s ‘Olympia’ challenged viewers with a new kind of nakedness in 1865.

A photo of a group of people standing around a circular blue thing within darkness

Artists' Statement: Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey talk about climatic sound art

Culture24 hears from the Australian duo Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey about Gauge, an interactive live composition of sound sculptures which all relate to water and the elements.

A photo of a woman in a white lab coat looking at a human skeleton across a table

Archaeologists investigate mystery of young Civil War woman buried in unusual grave in Oxford

Carl Champness, of Oxford Archaeology, says the "wild theories" surrounding a woman buried in a garden during the 17th century could have overlooked a plague outbreak.

a photo of a bar with spikes on it

Forged in Fire: Ten objects from the forges of Oxfordshire at The Oxfordshire Museum

Ten objects from Forged in Fire: Oxfordshire metals through time, a new exhibition at The Oxfordshire Museum bringing together unique and unusual objects to tell the story of metal working in the......

A photo of a woman with blonde hair and a blue coat smiling in profile

Vast White Stillness: Artist Claudia Molitor on her "very personal" work at the Brighton Festival 2015

Composer Claudia Molitor on her new installation and performance for the Brighton Festival, set in a maze of tunnels beneath a listed hotel.

A photo of a glowing sign which reads you imagine what you desire in a park

"I'm interested in how we identify ourselves": Artist Nathan Coley on his HOUSE Festival commission

The British contemporary artist on the two works he has created in Brighton: Portraits of Dissension at Regency Town House and You Imagine what you Desire at St Nicholas' Church.

A photo of a circular black archaeological pot next to a spade within a brown rock pit

Skeleton of high-status girl was one of dozens of burials at Hampshire Saxon cemetery, say archaeologists

An excavation at an industrial estate in Hampshire in 1973 revealed the grave of a girl, aged between 12 and 14 and buried with a necklace, alongside dozens of Saxon skeletons.

Black and white etching of a young man (self portrait of Leon Underwood)

Leon Underwood steps out of historical shadows with major show at Pallant House

The artist who taught Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore is getting recognition in Chichester with an exhibition showcasing painting, etching and sculpture. Mark Sheerin visits.

a painting of dinosaurs at a lagoon surprised by a meat eating dinosaur

Dinofest2015 brings the world's leading dinosaur exhibits to museums across Hampshire

As the imminent release of Jurassic Park Four signals a new round of dino-mania, prehistoric creatures are set to invade Hampshire for a monumental year of exhibitions and events in the county's top......

A photo of a female photographer posing outdoors with her large camera

An eclectic love for the arts: Chief Executive Andrew Comben on the Brighton Festival 2015

Trained as a horn player but happier admiring from afar these days, one of the key figures behind this year's festival previews works by Marcus Coates, Agnès Varda and more.

a photo of a gallery installation of an exhibition

Five Myths of Gallipoli: The National Museum of the Royal Navy puts the record straight

As Anzac Day approaches, The National Museum of the Royal Navy's historian and curator Nick Hewitt outlines five myths of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

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