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A photo of a man digging brown soil out of grassland next to an archaeological yardstick

Radiocarbon tests on charcoal reveals Iron Age remains which could be linked to Romans in Scotland

Archaeologists and volunteers have used charcoal remains to identify a large Roman coastal fort or a native settlement from the 1st century opposite a 14th century castle.

A photo of a woman holding up a piece of archaeological deposit while wearing blue gloves

Forensic archaeologists begin to excavate Glasgow School of Art's Mackintosh Building

Archaeologists say they will use similar techniques to ones used at Windsor Castle during the 1990s as they begin to salvage the remains of the school's burnt-out building.

A photo of a dark green grassy hill

Bog material reveals 11,500 years of Scottish history at prehistoric hillforts near Edinburgh

Archaeologists studying Ravelrig Bog, which began as a rocky hollow at the end of the last glacial period, have found evidence of human occupation from across the ages.

a photo of a cross covered in mud with early depictions of christ on it

Scottish Viking hoard is most spectacular and largest of modern times say archaeologists

Archaeologists are hailing the find of a hoard of Viking treasure found by a metal detectorist in Scotland as the largest found in modern times.

A photo of two men illuminated by a blue light

Portishead's Geoff Barrow drives camper van to pitch-black Scottish forest for "really cool adventure"

The Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park was turned into a music festival over the weekend, including an appearance from the Portishead founder and a paranormal investigator.

A photo of an archaeological dig site showing a large slab of grey stone next to sticks

Archaeologists find "totally fascinating" medieval friary and human skeletal remains

Human remains, a wall and medieval ceramics have been found at a 13th century Dominican friary destroyed in Stirling during the Reformation in 1559.

A photo of a man looking at a small black piece of Roman archaeology

Roman occupiers had comfy boots, granaries and heating in southern Scotland, say experts

A rotted boot found during a dig near Dumfries would have been used by a soldier to patrol 2nd century tribes in Scotland, say archaeologists investigating Carzield Roman Fort.

A photo of two women in kilts

Beyond the Border: Four Scottish photographers on art and Scotland's independence

Sophie Gerrard, Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Stephen McLaren, whose photography exhibition is at Impressions Gallery in Bradford, talk all things Scotland.

A photo of a half-naked man sitting on a bed in front of a wall full of political newspapers

Arches Political Party to throw artist-led bash on night of Scottish independence vote

Insisting that their night is non-partisan, Glasgow's Arches will unite VJs, artists, actors, performers and Irn Bru after the polling booths close.

A photo of a large green mountain range under a blue sky

Historic Scotland appeals for referendum calm as heritage sites host yes and no campaigns

Authorities have been forced to remove banners from Arthur's Seat, the extinct volcano overlooking the Scottish Parliament, as the independence referendum nears.

A photo of a boat on a vast river

Artist's Statement: Neville Gabie on AFLOAT, his film about a Scottish Highlands community

Sculptor Neville Gabie gained the trust of a remote Scottish community as they built a skiff rowing boat and competed at the inaugural world championships.

Archaeologists say "special" longhouse could reveal life during Scottish Middle Ages

Experts say a 14th or 15th century rural farmstead, discovered as part of a new electricity site being built in Aberdeenshire, is "quite special" and of national significance.

a photo of a two brick-built bottle kilns

Major community archaeology project explores the industrial heritage of Portobello Edinburgh

Dig Portobello, an ambitious weekend of archaeological excavations and activities led by volunteers, will explore the industrial heritage of the Edinburgh seaside suburb.

A photo of a huge ancient stone

"Truly unexpected" pink granite boulder of ancient Scottish Picts revealed in Moray

Archaeologists say a stone found by a plough near Craigellachie - described as "truly unexpected" - could be a unique example of an ancient Pictish symbol.

a painting of four angelic figures lifting a prone warrior into a cloudy sky on a stretcher

Scottish National Portrait Gallery reveals the painting that inspired Wilfred Owen

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is about to launch a new exhibition called Remembering the Great War for the First World Centenary - with a little seen painting admired by Wilfred Owen.

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