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A photo of a section of bone in a prehistoric cairn in Orkney, scotland

A human jawbone with teeth has been found placed in a massive whalebone vertebra at a prehistoric cairn in Orkney

Prehistoric Scots put a human jawbone inside a whalebone in a "ritual of foundation or abandonment", say archaeologists who found the burials alongside a quern, mortar and pig and cattle remains.

a photo of a stuffed sheep

From Dolly the Sheep to the finest decorative arts: Star objects from the revamped National Museum of Scotland

The oldest Railway Locomotive in the world, outrageous 17th century fashions, decorative artworks and the oldest British aircraft in existence. Meet some of the stunning objects on display in the revamped National Museum of Scotland.

A photo of a small Neolithic human figurine found at Skara Brae in Orkney

Object of the Week: A 5,000-year-old figurine which curators thought was lost forever in Orkney

This Neolithic human figurine was found at Skara Brae, in Orkney, in the 1860s. But it was only recently rediscovered during a search of the collections at the 17th century Skaill House.

A photo of a man holding a jade axehead made by neolithic people at National Museum Scotland

Scotland's set of 6,000-year-old axeheads from the Italian Alps have gone on public display

Created by Neolithic farming groups in the Italian Alps, National Museums Scotland's jade axeheads are rarely seen in public. Now they've gone on display alongside a work by inspired carver Tim......

A photo of landscape artist Charles Jencks standing in front of a mosaic in Scotland

A land artist has created a solstice work in his 55-acre intergalactic artland in rural Scotland

Charles Jencks's new mosaic at the Crawick Multiverse is inspired by earth, the sun, life and death. The landscape artist talks comets, ampitheatres and a desert near Dumfries.

A photo of various silver artefacts from the Gaulcross Roman hoard in Aberdeenshire

This huge hoard of hack silver is still revealing details of life in Roman Scotland - almost 200 years after it was first found in Aberdeenshire

Found in a heavily-ploughed Aberdeenshire field where stone circles were once "ruthlessly removed", the Gaulcross hoard is one of the largest Roman hoards ever discovered in Scotland.

A photo of a dark red Roman head found during excavations on the Antonine Wall in Scotland

Romans ate porridge, pasta and bread, imported opium poppy and had fleas at a fort near Glasgow

Archaeologists have used sewage at a fort on the path of the Antonine Wall to discover the eating habits of Romans in Scotland - as well as their problems with worms and fleas.

A photo of an area of an Edinburgh schoolground with a coffin imprint and archaeologists visible

Archaeologists have found at least nine coffins beneath a school playground in Edinburgh

Archaeologists say they have found the outlines of "at least nine" further coffins at an Edinburgh school playground where a skeleton was found during the Easter holidays.

A photo of a woman carrying a spraycan

From cave art to graffiti and Berlin to Dumfries, street artists create giant murals for "a world without borders"

With her street art group Recoat, Amy Whiten painted a series of murals across Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games 2014. Her latest work is a giant mural at the city's On The Corner.

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