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a black and white photo of a Spitfire pilot next to his plane

The Forth Bridge Raid: First Luftwaffe bombing raid of World War Two remembered at Queensferry Museum

The Forth Bridge Raid, the first time Luftwaffe bombers met Spitfires over British skies, is remembered by eyewitnesses at Queensferry Museum.

An overhead photo of a historic house with an arched roof in a leafy park area

The story of the 17th century Scottish hospital at the centre of a £3 million rescue bid

The trust responsible for Cowane's Hospital, in Stirling, have won backing in parliament for a £3 million rescue bid. Find out about a building which has seen more than 360 years of use.

A photo of a piece of paper with black ink writing on it

Life before Google: Dundee library reveals questions asked by public 70 years before seach engines

Inspired by a recent discovery at New York Public Library, librarians in Dundee found index cards of some of the questions asked by the public 70 years ago. Knickers and knickerbockers feature.

A mock-up image of a large sharky sea creature in a blue sea with a large beak

Scientists discover new species of "uniquely Scottish" boat-sized Jurassic reptile on Isle of Skye

Scientists hope to find out more about Scotland during the age of dinosaurs and huge marine reptiles after naming an ichthyosaur after the man who found it more than 50 years ago.

A black and white photo of ancient archaeological stones under a bright island sky

Photographer says Neolithic Scottish monuments "speak directly to us" ahead of exhibition

Prolific landscape photographer David Paterson says his pictures of Scotland's Neolithic stones represent "a search for meaning and spirituality" through the ages.

A photo of people digging in a brown trench at a large outdoor archaeological site

Neolithic discoveries offer evidence of prehistoric Scotland's first farming communities

Archaeologists have produced a picture of prehistoric Scottish communities stretching based on the finds made along a £776 million tram route leading to Edinburgh Airport.

A photo of a female curator looking at a piece of silver as part of a hoard wearing a white glove

Archaeologists begin work on hacked-up silver buried in Scotland during decline of Roman Empire

National Museums Scotland will examine more than 100 pieces of hacked-up silver, coins and jewellery, buried in an Aberdeenshire field during the 4th and 6th centuries.

A photo of two children locking arms with a statue outside a historic house

Peter Pan birthplace to become Scottish Centre for Children's Stories after winning £1.8 million

The house that inspired JM Barrie to pen the children's novel Peter Pan has received a £1.8 million Lottery grant, which will see it transformed into a children's literature centre.

A photo of a road leading through green fields under a blue sky

Tombs in Neolithic Orkney reveal ancient beliefs, taboos and superstitions of mourners and dead

Beverley Ballin Smith, an archaeologist working on three tombs and cists on Orkney, says the evidence of changing belief systems have provided the most "exciting and varied" discoveries of her life.

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